[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



Where’d you come from?


I return from the depths of the void.

Payday is Friday, and as soon as I get my bank statements, I’m gonna get the ball rolling on kala!

And in story stuff, I have some plans to help get out all together, but it’ll have to wait until the dust settles in my life a little bit.


Is this still a thing? Or is everyone dead.

Also, why am i the only one to necro this? (Maby redundant question but still, why is no one else trying?)


I’ve lost interest.


I was wondering too, the thread was supposed to have Kali, Takran said…but he said it months ago and it still isn’t uploaded.
Gorsh darn dang nabit @Takran, WHY U NO?!


To those of you who are still interested in seeing this unfold: The project is still going.

The issue right now seems to be lack of time from both sides to work on this, sadly. It’s been a while since I last heard
from Takran, but when we last talked he told me life is keeping him pretty busy rn. And I’m currently swamped with university assignments.

I’ll ask Takran if it’s ok for me to show the current state Kali is in. While he didn’t have the chance to inform me about
needed adjustments and changes yet, it would at least be something to show for now. : )


I’m so sorry for the wait. The hold up is entirely on me. Literally the day after I sent the commission, my work went into overdrive and I’ve been working 90+ hours a week and haven’t been able to send in revisions. I’m hoping I’ll actually have Saturday off this week so I can take care of my end.

In the meantime, @Shika you are always more than welcome to share any stage of your awesome work! I do have a fair number of changes (mostly to the face and hands), but the art is still totally cool. And again I’m sorry to leave you and everybody else hanging. Life’s been overwhelming lately.


@Takran Dude, no need to apologize. These guys are being a bit ridiculous. Don’t let this project stress you out. This should be a release from the everyday stresses of life.


Preach! Yall need to chill the f out. Tak is paying for all this and it takes Shika time. Be patient, plz.



So as promised here’s the preview for Kali!

Please keep in mind that this is just an early colored sketch and that there are several things both Takran and I plan on going over to revise for the better. That being said, I hope you all like this first version regardless of its errors! :smiley:


This is so amazing it kinda hurts…


I’m chill.



I’m just procrastinating in math class lol.

Also, that is like, one of my favorite movies ever. One like for you.


Amazing work! Very cool to see aspects of each monster in there.


This for an early art looks ALREADY amazing. The massive first pair of hands, the hind legs and the frowning face gives her a beastly look, which enforces the fact that she lost the control over her body.

I see some of the rocky plates from the Behemoth on her right hand. But I don’t see much from the Gorgon expect the mandibles and the light spots on the chest. Maybe you could add a little bit of spikes on her inferior arms.

And once again Shika, you’re amazing!

I guess we can say that Kali is a thing, now that we have a more accurate design of her.


Thanks everyone, glad to hear you like the sketch so far! :smiley:

Her inferior left arm is gonna be the one that is referencing Gorgon’s anatomy. Can’t just leave everyone’s favorite spider out like that, now can I?

Admittedly it’s a little hard to see right now, but the segmentation is already roughly sketched. The weird spike-hairs will totally be added later, but I haven’t sketched them yet for better visibility of the base anatomy.


This is actually god-tier. I love the partial humanoid silhouette in her forehead. My only gripe is that the color scheme makes it kinda hard to pick out her different extremities, and it took me a moment to figure out that her arms were asymmetrical.


She looks like she has an evil grin on her face… Is that intended?


Thank you for the kind words!
Yeah, I agree with you that the current colors are way too flat. But no worries, that will change as I continue with the work as these are just the rough base tones! Phantom Wraith looked equally as boring in that early stage.

What I’m currently planning is to slightly add colors of the original monsters each arm is somewhat representing into the mix. Adding highlights and shading in different hues should also help to make things more clear.

Yep, that was intended! I was hoping to give the expression some sort of humanoid feel to it, given her origin.