[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve

You mean…B.E.M.E.T? Or E.M.E.T-B? Because I know that there could be a variation with Bucket, E.M.E.T and the demon core in the same chasis.

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Honestly tho three’s a crowd


He’s on the list :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you forgot the Soon:tm:

Bucket is dead to me.



I had a idea for kali. Each of her 4 abilities shifted her to suit a certain monster. 1 for goliath, 2 for kraken, 3 for wraith and 4 for behemoth.

When she shifts to a monster she takes on a few visual aspects of that monster (Evolving on the go). If the same ability button is press she does a stronger version of one of that monster’s abilities. But it takes 3 seconds for her to shift her form.

For example , in goliath form , she breathes fire but there is a mix of lightning (from kraken) and lava(from Bob). It causes damage over time and even if not directly aimed for , lightning will strike anyone near the flames.

In kraken form , she would zapp everyone around her and disable their jetpacks for 3 seconds.

In Wraith form , she use supernova but her attacks do DOT .

In behemoth form , she would Armour up and take 50 % less damage for 5 seconds.

Her melee attacks and traversal would also change.

What do you think?

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When is next update???

There won’t be any next update. 2K is the owner of Evolve since they kicked the developpment team, which means the game is in the hands of lazy publishers and ONLY THEM. 2K said they’d probably put the game on console…they did nothing, not even fixing a single bug, not even adding content, not even a skin, not even allowing the worldwide access to golden keys :goldkey:! They do NOTHING to improve the game, they leave it to rot until they shut down the servers so they can claim it as dead for hundreds of good reasons.

For hundreds of good reasons my ass!


I ment for this thread. Im not stupid.


Ho…oops then.
I guess I went a bit too far in the off-topic because I thought you were talking about the game and not the thread.

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Kali is really cool - the mechanics in her kit mirror that of the invoker, so she has 10 possible moves. Conveniently, this would match up to one move per monster/variant. I’ll probably do her third, so after warbucket. She also has more already existing concept art assets than most of these, so the depiction should be really accurate. I’ll go into it more then.

As for updating the thread, it kind of depends on both my and shika’s availability. I’m putting the finishing touches on warbucket today, and will probably send the commission in sometime this week, so probably it’ll be ready sometime the following week-ish, but that is still a really rough estimate.


3 seconds might be too OP though. Gotta test it to actually know but sadly that’s impossible.

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3 Seconds is a huge amount of time, especially when dealing with a monster that is milliseconds behind you. Not to mention the reliability of hunters using jetpacks, it would make Medic or Support easy targets as they need to be reliant on JP usage.

Hell, the tongue grab stun from Behemoth feels like a year or losing movement control.


new thread update?

Probably sometime in the next few weeks? It kinda depends on a lot of factors, so I can’t perfectly predict it.

Over the weekend I finished some crude Photoshop stuff to put the references I have together and match it with what we know. I’ll do one more double check in the next few evenings then send it in to Shika. Then it’ll depend on her schedule plus time for revisions.

It’s all at the mercy of how much free time we both have avaliable to work on it, and on top of that, I’d rather take it slow and make sure the quality is as high and accurate possible.

Tl;Dr: Soon™


How is it an update if the post originated with the Phantom Wraith artwork in it?


Partly for formatting, partly because it was originally a rough draft and I reflexively label updates I do to things. :stuck_out_tongue:


How fun, what a great thread… late to the party but hey… great idea.

And there was Art of the Kala Variant in this thread:

Design wise they were going with a Wraith/Kraken mix.
I personally wanted a Goliah/Kraken mix and that she was still “lucid” and not some many-eyed monster that just lumbered around.

From the discussion though it appears the “Kali” Kala Variant would have been quite a challenge to balance: Using 3 basic code combinations (similar to the Bard in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer) you could conjure any monster’s ability.

Man…it’s been such a long time I haven’t seen this thread.

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I still keep coming back here hoping EVOLVE Stage 2 gets a Nintendo Switch port or something. :stuck_out_tongue: