[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



my gosh that STORY man i need to go and read ALL the evolve lore from word ONE cause its mind blowingly amazing and inventive (u know where i can go to read all the released and unreleased Lore?)

anyways the harrower as u described and the story details is probably one of theses

Not the hammer head guy tho, i think that one is the Howler (due to its ability: Hyperbeam)

The paladin guy in that story also seems to be this guy with his anti material cannon and full suit of paladin like armor (the helmet and all)


Any update on when the update will be?


I’m 90% done with the artwork for Kali’s second stage, so hopefully we’ll have the next update ready fairly soon!


Shika got the update, but I’ll add that i’m planning on hyde next.


Stage 2 Kali is ready! Her design is from one of the better fleshed out concept arts. At this stage she is supposed to look like a fusion of all other monsters.

As always, @Shika knocked it out of the park!

Kali’s details are the same as I wrote in her original entry, which you can read here:

Next up is Hellfire Hyde, then an interpretation Kali stage 1.



It’s awesome, as always.
Isn’t her crown supposed to be less pointy? Anyway, I compared the Stage 3 version and I noticed some improvements in the amount of details.
Kali at Stage 2 looks uglier than at Stage 3 (I mean as a monster) and the details are better (as an art).

Nailed it!


I totally missed this post. Sorry for the late reply!

I am certain that if any concept art was made for the unused fiction, it never saw the light of day. I know those posts don’t give a lot of context, but when those were originally shared each one had a name attached.

Off the top of my head I don’t recall which ones are public and which are private, so I won’t go into detail unless I’m clear on that. That said, I do know none of those names match the unused fiction. Gonna have to use your imagination for those!


Yeah the crown spikes in the concept art is a little less prominent, but I think it’s partly because how the head is angled. Plus I really liked the way it looked on the drawing, so i’m super down for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Aw that may be the case but, I can’t deny that some of the art in the links I posted at least come close to what the story described, perhaps they were made b4 the story and the writer saw them and was inspired.


I want a figurine of that monster. So badly.


I figure you should stop this project, if you havent already.


Why? This is our way of keeping the game alive in our hearts and having fun while dreaming about the could-have-beens. The people in this thread are dedicating their own time because they want to as a hobby.


It has been 4 months.i might just be hurting about evolve atm.


No. Don’t stop. I wanna see Hellfire Hyde.


Yes. Please don’t stop.


There’s no reason to stop making content based around Evolve.


I’ll be back to commissions soon. Took a big financial hit about a month ago that I am still recovering from. As soon as I am back on my feet I was planning on reaching out to shika to see if she’s still open for it!


You best believe I’m still up for this! : D

In that case allow me to make the next commission a free one and consider it a belated birthday gift from me~


Now that is sweet to hear.