[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



That’s a valid reason to remove it. Unless it isn’t. I’ve never visited the Wiki so I dunno.


It’s sad to me, the draws are really amazing, and to me they deserve a spot there, at least.


Especially to give a visual representation of how they would have looked


Seems fair, wouldn’t want to give people the wrong idea.


But what about Specialist’s comment? It shows what could the characters have looked like if the development did not shut down.


IF is the operative word.

They may have come out very differently, we won’t ever know. Wikis should be for factual information with sources. Not “what if’s”.


There’s no source other than fan arts.


Exactly. It’s not official, it’s fan art.


AND there is no official art. No art, no representation. So, that’s why there’s the community.


The mods on the wiki have a good point. If the art is going to be there at all, then it should probably bein a gallery subsection and very clearly labeled as a fan recreation. But if you go that route, be sure to clear it with the mods first!

But no matter what, please respect their decisions.


sigh…that’s so unfair.


What he* said. :point_up:

Edit: * @Takran


I said, it’s unfair!


That’s fine. But it doesn’t mean the mods are wrong.


Whatever, it does not make me happy.


Unfortunately it’s true tho. I’ve been on multiple wiki’s where fan art has not been accepted - it’s the same instance here. I deeply respect everything Takran and Shika are doing, but it is in the end fan art and fan art isn’t allowed as it isn’t factual.

The concept art, however, is, as it is produced by someone who worked on the game somewhat.

I’m active on the wiki and the page the images were removed (Time Periods). Don’t lose hope on continuing to update the page because of this, your doing a good job so far.


All I’ve done was adding the images. That’s it.

Sooo I need some community input

can u link me to all the work you’ve done?

we are gonna need ur help over here


Where is the art or design notes for this Harrower you speak of? I’ve never heard of it, shouldn’t it have been one of the types of monsters to crop up in a post/thread like this?


The Harrower never reached concept phase. If 2K had green-lit an Evolve 2, it would have been one of the monsters on the Akhenaten. As such it only appears in the unused fiction as a sideline mention. All we know is that they are red and black, are partly made of inorganic materials, and they can turn invisible at stage 4.

Howlers and Stormbringers are in that same catagory.