[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



Yes, it’s Hellfire Hyde.


Probably the one after next. Shika and I agreed to alternate between hunters and monsters. Gonna do the lower stages for Kali!


Are Phantom Wraith’s stages also gonna be worked on? I think it’s better to work on the stage 1 and 2 of P.Wraith later, once most of the characters are made.


If we do that will be lower priority. Kali was probably one of the more ambitious concepts, and it is cool as heck, which is why we’re planning on giving it some priority.


That’s what I was thinking.


Necro Lazarus

Art Direction:

There isn’t a lot of information out there on Necro-Lazarus’s appearance. All we know is that he wore a skull mask that makes him have a slightly Dr. Doom like appearance, and that he had a black, silver, and purple color scheme. Knowing this, I put these colors over the current model with a Dr. Doom like skull mask with the same breathing pieces as other post-cataclysm hunters as my guideline. Here is the fabulous result @Shika so masterfully made:

Significant Reference Images Used For This Art: No existing art for necro-lazarus exists, so I used some of the descriptions given for creating references.

An insanely rough photoshop of what I pictured using the in game art

Some old concept art of Lazarus in a mask

References for the breathing apparatuses used by other hunters post-cataclysm

Dr. Doom, but remember the most important rule:

[To the Devs, and anyone who wants to hop in, who was your favorite Evolve character and why?]

The ones that were actively in development were Necro Lazarus, Hellfire Hyde, Captain Bucket and Phantom Wraith. A lot of the others were still being brainstormed, a few being concepted.
[[Question to the Devs]] ( Question to Devs)

“Necro Lazarus was the clearest in my memory though. He had this purple skull mask and was my favourite next to Paladin Parnell.”
[[Insane Recreation of Hyde’s Model (Insane recreation of Hyde's model)


  1. ??? (Silenced Healing Rifle) - Same as his regular sniper rifle, but hitting the targets heals hunters if they’ve been resurrected with The Necro Device.
  2. ??? (The Necro Device) - A damaged Lazarus Device that works at long range. Hunters brought back bleed out over time like zombies and must sustain themselves by attacking the weakspots Necro Lazarus applies with his Silenced Healing Rifle. Potentially after some number of hit targets or health healed, the returned hunters would become normal again, though this was never finalized or discussed.
  3. ??? (Phasing Cloak) - Necro Lazarus would temporarily enter a ripple in space and time, rendering him invisible and invulnerable for a short period of time. While phasing, Lazarus would be unable to interact with the hunters or monster, meaning no healing, no damage, and no targets to sustain zombies until the duration ran out. This ability wasn’t as finalized as the others, and was subject to significant revisions and testing based on
  4. Healing Burst - Unchanged, possibly could remove zombification under unknown conditions.
Developer Quotes On Abilities BUT his variant kit was awesome! We were going to have him be able to res at range, the players still wouldn’t get a strike, but they would slowly bleed out while they were up fighting (like zombies), to counter the bleed, they could shoot laz’s markers to heal themselves. [[From the End of Evolve Q&A and Streams]] ( https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/the-final-evolve-livestream-q-a/106172/204?u=takran)

Lazarus was to have a phasing cloak based on The One Ring from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. It would have allowed him invulnerability and invisibility at the cost of being unable to interact with the team or monster until the duration ran out The team wasn’t final on this decision, and it likely would have been significantly altered by the time of release.
[[Not a direct quote, but is stated in the end of evolve livestream]]


While Necro Lazarus wasn’t finalized anywhere in particular, it was brainstormed that he’d either be in the Cataclysm group and die at the end of that arc, or survive through all the arcs. We know that EMBucket took the Cataclysm medic slot, which only leaves a medic slot open for The Deepest Dark plotline. I find this to be fitting, since he has a very classic horror theme with his necro glove and zombies.

If this assumption is correct, we can say that sometime during The Cataclysm, the lazarus device sustained heavy damage and is falling apart. With a bit of ingenuity, Lazarus managed to rig it so it could work at range, though it couldn’t keep his fellow hunters standing without additional medical attention. He likely joined Hyde in the hunt for Kali, probably spending his time helping pick apart the notes Kala left behind on the monsters and their realm while keeping his merry band of rogues alive.

Developer Quotes and Details on Story

I actually don’t know, what happened to lazzy. He would either go down during Cataclysm or live till Extinction
[[From the End of Evolve Q&A and Streams]] ( The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A)

“after going down during cataclysm bucket installs himself in emets shell” (This is why it is safe to guess that Lazarus would have been part of the deepest dark squad since EMBucket was taking the medic slot for Cataclysm)
[[From the End of Evolve Q&A and Streams]] ( The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A)

Anyhow, I gotta save up a bit for the next round, but Stage 2 Kali art is next, and Hellfire Hyde will be shortly after.


I’m really digging how he turned out


That’s really neat, as usual. I’m adding him to the wiki.


Totally worth the wait!!


I’m adding it to my files


WICKED! A great representation of him from what I remember as I saw him for maybe 3 seconds. Nice work
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Nice seeing Lazarus here


Now I miss all those old levels left behind in legacy 8(


I’m glad to hear that! Shika and I are working hard to make these as accurate and realistic as we can based on what’s publicly available. Your advice on that mask was critical on this one!


Glad it helped! Certainly aced it from what little info you had.

Well done to both of you! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Well Necro-Laz turned out to be a lot cooler than I originally envisioned him! :smiley:


The mod of the wiki has removed all the draws of Shika I added in the page…


That’s cause either Shika asked to remove them or because they’re not really real, they’re technically fan creations.


The mod said this on my page: