[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



Her body is causing it so even if she were to get her mind back she’d still cause it. At least that’s why I think. Kala has also mention to others to kill her if she turns as well so I don’t think it’s a bad assumption to think she’d want them to kill her.




Everyone wanted this mode. But 2K Games turned the possibilities into dust. Maybe the devs had it on their papers, but it’s not 100% sure.


In evolves final live stream they said they tried monster vs monster,but it didn’t work. Even if there was one I don’t think it would work since all of the monsters were made to kill hunters. Some monsters would be rendered useless against other monsters.


Like Kraken VS Behemoth?


yes kraken would be unstoppable in that mode since most monsters have no combat ability’s to constantly do damage to air-born characters


But Goliath/Wraith/Gorgon have the agility to avoid Vortex, Lightning Strike and Aftershock.

I can only see Behemoth being good against Kraken’s Banshee Mines being able to create a wall to block the damage or cause AoE Damage to destroy the mines before it hits him


avoid yes but how can they deal damage to kraken? If they have cool downs they would have to dodge until a ranged ability came off cool down. Even then they would run out of traversal and get hit by everything except mines if fire for example was off cool down,that for most people wouldn’t be fun.


Im sure if they wanted they could balance the monsters around it. At also bob’s toung could bring kraken down. maby.


It still would be unbalanced. I’m not denying that it would be a cool game mode but they said they tried it and it didn’t work. Even if they made the ability’s work against monsters that would cause some monsters op. For example,if gorgons spider trap could trap other monsters that wouldn’t be very fair because a monster besides kraken would get caught and gorgon can follow it up with acid and web. Goliath for example would have to rely on fire to get rid of spider trap but if that was on cool down then he would get caught in the trap unless the player used a more damaging ability on it. Then leap for example would be on cool down leaving fire,charge and rock assuming the player put points into those. armor would be a balance issue as well,if a monster got down to low armor they could run and hide in a corner and let it regen or get some food. The different stages could be a problem as well. I personally think if the game mode hunt in stage two is a bit hunter favored at times then they would have focused on the core game mode,having monster vs monster on the back burner.


Hah, I imagine the spider trap vanishing a stage 3 Behemoth while trapping it.


Well Stamina and Cooldowns are decreased in times when in combat so actually they would be able to keep avoiding

But Rock Throw is also an option but speed would need to be increased
Gorgon’s Trap would have to become a flying insect

Behemoth’s Tongue Grab, Abduction should be able to decrease Kraken’s height.

Factors could be changed to win over it but ya know they can still deal damage


Who is next? 'Been like 20 days since you said that.
Also…uh…no wait! I’ve updated a wiki page by adding the arts of Shika, a page about Evolve’s timeline.


Next up is Necro-Lazarus. Phase one sketches are already done. I should probably check and make sure my rebuttal didn’t get eaten by the messaging service Shika and I use for these. It does that sometimes.


Finally!! This is one I’ve been waiting for! Can’t wait I know it’ll be good!


I think Necro-Laz was supposed to wear red clothes and a gaz mask if my memory is good, and his gauntlet is broken.
He had the ability to resurect his teammates from a ranged distance (probably 20m) and instead of reviving them, it turns them into zombies. The zombies loses health on time, so they had to shoot the marks left by Laz’s rifle to regain health. The marks left by Laz’s rifle could regenerate the health of anyone who hit them and so, might be Laz’s only way of healing his teammates except the HB. I have no idea what would be Laz’s 3rd gear, either a reworked cloak, either a new ability different from a cloak.


Speak of the devil, apparently the reply and image I sent to you days ago got swallowed by tumblr without me realizing. :"D
If this keeps causing issues I might just start sending the pictures either on here or through email if the file size allows it…


That’s probably a good call. I kinda liked the IM format the via the blogs but geez it eats all the messages. I’m down for here or via email. Whatever is easier for you!


Mostly correct! My sources stated a slightly different color set, and they talked about the cloak changes in a stream. You’ll see the full write up soon!

The thing about necro-lazarus is that he was in kind of a sweet spot where he was far enough out that nothing was truly solidified, but at the same time the concept was complete enough to not have any blank spots. Given the development time, he could have been something completely unrecognizable from the concept we have now. It gives a suitable amount of wiggle room in the design of our fan-recreation, but at the same time it won’t necessarily look as accurate as some of the earlier ones with more complete assets to work off of. It’s a weird but fun dynamic!


@Takran What about Hellfire Hyde?

(was it Hellfire? I forgot the exact name)