[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



So let me do the before/after comparison:

The draw is much cleaner, less blurry and more or less detailed. The wings are no longer pointy, the Behemoth hand is more “rocky” and no longer “pawy”, her inferior right arm has been replaced by a human hand (?), the left one by a Gorgon one, the crown no longer looks like leaves, her eyes have been reaproached together and are round, her mouth is now a bunch of mandibles instead of a pair, her chest has more glowing spots and her humanoïd spot on the head is much more visible.

I see that there’s a lot of work put in and I respect it a lot, but honestly, the head of Kali in the final draw looks…weirder. I don’t know, I prefer the older one.

On a last note, who is 00ShadowDragon00?


If you want the design intent behind the changes, this is my reasoning:

For the mouth, we see in the concept art I’ve attributed to be her stage 2 form that her mouth had changed to be primarily a bunch of mandibles with almost no visible mouth. If you overlay the “stage 2” head with the “stage 3” head, it actually lines up almost perfectly. My goal was to come as close to the original design intent as possible, and I believe this is the direction they were going for (at least as far as it got before things abruptly ended).

For the eye, one of the central pieces of the design was that the central “eye” was a hole in the shape of Kala’s old body. It is the final human element of her design, and needed to act as a major focal point, so we made it larger and more defined.

For the arms, this again comes from using the “stage 2” art to guide the stage 3 art. The scythe hand is directly from the “stage 2” form. As for the behemoth arm, I felt that behemoth was the only one not being represented well in her shape, and from the art we can tell we have some strong asymmetry between those arms. From early development notes, I read that monsters generally (but not always) avoided mammalian features, so I felt trading the paw for behemoth like features was a safe call.

Finally, for the wings and crown changes, this was 50% using overlays from the sketches, and 50% a result of my own design. In my head, I believe that the stage 1 to 3 Kali would go something like “human-like -> monster mashup -> eldritch abomination”. The origin of the monsters was supposed to be lovecraftian in nature, so I used similarly inspired art as a guideline. A common technique to make a monster feel otherworldly is to intersperse unnatural geometric shapes within natural biological ones. In guiding these changes, I took heavy inspiration from the eldrazi from magic the gathering - specifically the Kozilek Lineage if you want to look up some examples. Applying this actually worked shockingly well when we did the overlay it with the concept art, so we stuck with it. The entire intention of the new head is to look weirder and alien to reality.

Needless to say, Shika knocked every single aspect of this out of the park. :wink: She’s pretty badass!

Also 00ShadowDragon00 is one of Shika’s art account names.

I’m glad everybody is enjoying the thread so much! It’s fun to be back in the swing of things!




I kinda like it in the end. I don’t know, this noon I prefered the older draw, but now it’s 50-50. I like them both now.

Something’s wrong with me…am I beggining to like stuff more and more with the time? Or was it something I never knew I had in myself?
It’s like when she drew Edward, she said his face wasn’t what she expected to be, which I admited. But with the time, I began to believe that “it’s good like this in the long run”.


It’ll grow on you. Like a tumor. Or a parasite. Or a siamese twin.



So happy to see people enjoy the art! <3
Thank you all again for being so patient with us, too!

13 year old me really loved the name, 22 year old me just winces at it :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ve all been there. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Only just come across this thread and am rather glad I did.
Big thanks to @Takran for putting this together and @Shika for the always awesome artwork :slight_smile:


Edgy is the only way to live my friend


Heh :smirk:


Don’t feel sad. I actually feel happier knowing that Em-bucket could have been Emet slapped on a transformers body with a jetpack.

IF I can wait for TRS’s next game or for OW to finally become balanced (never) then I don’t mind waiting to see Evolve stuff that could make me cream my pants.

NO @Takran







But please don’t start blaming yourself because my plebby life has been a rollercoaster too, and so I can only imagine what would happen if I was in your spot.

Not when we have @mizx for a dank data leak for the next game

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Show me the glitter mizx, I want to see the glitter.

Please let Em Bucket be a transformer with a jetpack (also somehow internally kill Bucket since he’s dead to me thx).

Holy shit it’s a female kraken!

Holy fuck. Das amazing.

Dude that is nightmare fuel plz never show me this, like ever.

Dude this low key scares me. I’m just imaging a savage Kala alone in the wilderness of Shear in her final moments of being human.

Takran, I told you to not make me cry :sob:

This kills me.

Come to think of it Emet is actually very squishy, but his demon core is what makes him nasty.

I just wish that Emet had a better outcome than being merged with Bucket, since I love him so much.

I love u all more.


The design and story behind Kali is equal parts intriguing and terrifying… Amazing work as usual @Shika & @Takran - I look forward to more!


I would have liked it more if Hyde found a way to restore Kali’s humanity and then the hunters gain a monster as a ally.

THen they could have team up against the queen monster or whatever.

Cause there was that monster that layed the eggs. And the monsters area hive mind, meaning there is a top leader and this was before Kali. So there is still something bigger and badder then Kali.

They could have played around with this.


There would be no way he could bring back Kala. The hive mind took over Kala, so it was already too late for her.

There’s no monster able to lay eggs, the eggs are teleporters for the monsters.


How would you know, She is still part human, nto comeplete monster. As far as physical changes go, she cant be a human again but her mind is still Kala, just overrun by th Hive’s greater influence.

She could still regain her individuallity.


I don’t think so, the hive mind took over her for months since the cataclysm era until Hyde kills her.


Don’t forget to mention that she spreads some infection which is why everything is mutated. Even if they were to keep her around as she would be her normal Kala self in a monster body i’d only cause problems and prolly make Kala depressed as her existence now literally only causes pain. Even if the hunters were to bring her conciseness back the best thing would still be to kill her. She’d probably agree with them killing her as well because of what she has become.


A timeframe doesnt really matter . But like i said, i would have liked if something like that happend.

Check starcraft 2 's kerrigan. She was basicly in the excact same position Kala is in, aka , turning into half human half alien and was controlled by the hive mind for a very long time. But she regained her humanity.

And also i don’t think she would want to kill herself outright, i think she would more go along the lines of she will first right her wrongs then off herself.

And also she is causing the infestation cause she is still fun monster, if she is back to Kala shewould stop and even know a way to undo it.