[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



Yup yup. Slim, Jack, Hyde, maybe even Daisy, all slowly becoming monstrous.


Threads never die.


Sexy Wraith thread.


Died hard.


very poor choice of words



Anything new for this thread? It’s been a whole month since @Shika brought us some concept.
Yeah I know, I’m kind of impatient, but I think also that I’m the only one who dares to “revive” this thread.


Entirely my fault. I’ve been working at stupid hours for a long time. I actually get my holiday break a few weeks late, so I’m hoping to do my part in the middle of January. Sorry guys, the slowness is entirely on me. I’ve got a few small things on my end for the Kala drawing. :sweat:


it’s ok



At least it’s not 2 K’s

da dun tisss


Thank you for this wonderful post of new content


What new content. It’s still warbucket.


I agree, it’s been since November!



working late nights, backlogged on every personal thing I have, and currently down with the flu. It’s still on my radar… I need that “eventually” time-card from spongebob though. :sweat_smile:


Hey hey hey take an ice cube

Perfection takes time.

But, as said above Takran said he has some art for Kala…can you tease us with some of that image :?



Patience everyone. Good things come to those who wait. Hell, I’ve waited years for some things to come out, so we can wait a bit longer for some artwork. @Takran and @Shika have stuff going on just like everyone else, they have lives outside of the forum, so let them take their time. If they say it’s coming, I trust them enough to wait for it.


You know who all of this “waiting” and “soon” talk reminds me of?


Hey I know those 2.

One on the left is Soon :tm: and the one on the right is waiting :tm:

Or wait…


Now ←-------------- Very Soon -------- Soon -------- Soon-ish --------→ End of Time


The time went from “Soon” to “Probably not happening”.