[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



I like the ideas. I like the obsidian grub. I would make the venom hound nest and perhaps the hounds as well, Megamoutth, and obsidian grub to start. For the time being I want to make the original version of the wildlife then get back to finishing the original monsters and eventually Kali.


Here is the start of the venom hound nest.


Oh that’s sick :slight_smile:


Looking good so far. Just know that I’m not berating your work when I ask…are those butthole fruits?


Here is a picture of the Venom hound nest.


Oh my god they’re more butt-like than the carnivorous plants




Worked on it a bit more. Focused a bit more on form and will detail soon. Should be printing this in the next day or two.


I think you should make a thread or use one of yours for that instead because you’re getting into off-topic…but nice modeling though!


Warbucket is so beautiful!!! My brother who is a Bucket player is sad he cant play him…


I feel like this question is quite risky for me, but I’ll give it a try because no one asked yet I think.

Does Kala as a monster keeps her genitals and become the only monster with a gender, or does she lose her gender when transforming because of the monsters’ genderless type?
I think about that, but I avoid beeing dirty and don’t want to be as such also because I hate to see pornography/furry when checking the profile of steam users.
If she kept her gender, I think the monster HNA would have changed it so she could use it in a strategic way instead of using it for reproduction (else it would be useless), like when the Gorgon throws spiders on the hunters to incapacitate them for a moment.


That’s actually a pretty interesting question. I assume she kept her gender as I did hear she would be able to communicate with the hunters and would still sound somewhat like her original form. Then again, wraith does have a female voice, so I’m not sure.

Edit: My damn phone autocorrecting shit that doesn’t need to be corrected.


The monster itself is genderless. Remember that it’s not Kala anymore, her mind doesn’t control the body anymore, a monster controls it.

Plus, it could be safe to say that Kali’s may become more mass produced as time passes, so they obviously would have none of Kala in them.


That’s kinda true, but we never know what the devs would have thought for her. They sure did models for the monsters, but we know nothing about their organic features. We as human beeings have a brain, a heart, a pair of lungs, of kidneys, genitals, intestins, a stomach, a bladder, a liver, muscles, a skeleton, etc…but the devs (like from many studios) never told or showed anything about the monsters’ organs and their functions. I think it would be even less possible to have any details about Kali because she was on paper and wasn’t started yet.


I mean, we know the majority of them at least have a circular system based on the fact that Goliath and Kraken show visible signs of respiration, and Behemoth has his circulatory system exposed.

They all have blood, meaning they have a cardiovascular system.

They also all have a digestive system, though it is either incomplete or has different parts than ours based on the fact that none of them have anuses.

And we know for a fact that not one single monster has genitalia based on the fact that monsters are not born, they are made, and that monsters derive intense pain from the existing in our physical plane, so much so that they want their physical bodies to die eventually.


But let me just say real quick that when we talk about the monsters, we aren’t actually talking about the monsters. The monsters are separate immaterial conciousnesses in an alternate dimensional plane of existence with it’s own laws of physics and evolutionary process.

When you talk about a monster, however, you refer simply to it’s drone body which the real monster remotely operates from it’s own dimension by unknown means.

Like, the monsters aren’t Goliaths, Krakens, Wraiths, Behemoths, Gorgons, Hosts, Harrowers, or even Kalis. Those are all just fleshy sacks they jury-rigged together in order to hunt us down and break our stuff.


True, true. I remember your post in SADDAYZ’s thread now.


But to clarify your state of mind, Kala is the only monster who was a human before, so the way she transformed is obviously different than when the monsters hatch from the “eggs”.


Oh yeah, no one is disputing that.

Kala’s human DNA began a slow and painful process of conversion into monstrous HNA, causing organs to cease function or for her to grow new ones. It then wouldn’t be incorrect to think that her genitalia (if that’s what you’d still like to know about) would transform or disappear altogether as the mutation progressed.

Abe stated that, while asleep, Kala had spoken in a raspier voice, somewhat like an old man. When incapacitated and weak, Kala shouts out crazy things, speaking about how the monsters are right and they are bringing order. This can be seen as the monster breaking through to her mind for brief moments to attempt to dissuade the hunters from their assault. The monsters see this as a reasonable and logical course of action; we do not.

You seem to be thinking that the glowey glowey Kala in the Kali’s skull is still Kala fully intact, but you have to realize that Kala’s mutations didn’t grow over her flesh, they grew from it. Kala’s actual flesh became monstrous, and she slowly grew out from there. What we see in the Kali’s forehead could be Kala’s human nervous system glowing with monster conciousnesses energy, or it could be her “soul”, ikr any number of things. But you have to remember that the Kali grew out of Kala, not over. Kala’s real skin and organs and eyeball weren’t under monster flesh, they were becoming monster flesh.

Therefore, if the monster didn’t find her kidneys (I think that’s what she said were dissipated) relevant enough for her design, and since the Kali was based off of the five monster models found on Shear, I doubt she would keep her genitalia when the five models she was base on didn’t.


I have never thought about her body beeing under the monster flesh. So it’s not like in Attack on Titan where the protagonist is able to transform into a titan and leave his titan body from the back of the neck…but again, I never thought about that.
When you talked about Slim becoming feral, Jack becoming something I didn’t follow and Hyde hiding his face because he became ugly, I was more than convinced that the mutations applied to a living specie would literally change its body.
Plus, Kala as a hybrid human has pipes transplanted in her arm to allow her the use of abilities, which is a proof that she literally lost her former arm.