[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



Who will be next after Kali? Mutagen Hyde? B-E.M.E.T?
If all the characters’ concept are made, will this thread allow the concept art of non-canon characters? Imagine Caira as a Behemoth with Abe on her tusk, that’d be the cuttiest.


I believe they are gonna do the ones with relevant concept art first. They would be the easiest to make. Next will likely be Savage Slim.

Second would be characters that we only have a descriptor of appearance wise. So, likely Hellfire Hyde (Mutagen Hyde? Who told you this lie?) or Necro Lazarus.

Lastly we will likely have our ones that had absolutely nothing finished yet, so like, the Gorgon adaptation.


I forgot the name of the adaptation, so…yeah.

But I never heard that there could’ve been an adaptation for the Gorgon expect from Deepest Dark.


Well it probably would’ve been in Deepest Dark, but there was for sure gonna be one. It didn’t even have a name, however.


Just a lil something I found for everyone here on this lovely Wednesday morning (my time).

Yes, those are both the Host.

An Assault and two supports, one of them being a basilisk? Noice. I have chosen to name them Art, Xochitl, and Buzz.

I wanna put a disclaimer before this next one, and go on the record as saying I don’t know what stage of development this map is in, or if it was like, pre-Evolve. The way the artists talks about it is that he was working on it but never got to finish adding in all of the littler details, so I’m ASSUMING this was being worked on when 2K pulled the plug. It’s a city on a space station. I’ll include the artist if you guys wan to see for yourselves, he has A LOT of old Evolve/Metamorphosis map renderings on his page.



You need to put your phone on the charger



Can we crowd fund evolve 2 please? This time with better PR



The plan is to do all three stages of Kali, then probably either hellfire hyde or necro lazarus, but those are down the line. I finally have a break from work, so I’ll be able to focus on my part of detailing Kali in the next day or two.


Pretty sure I told you what he looked like but have to say your version is far more badass!!


Fan…art. Must… Need to make something from evolve again. I will work on something brief. Something wildlife related. I thought that it would be cool to have a megamouth or venom hound nest sitting around. Something for everyone to be able to download and print if they have a 3d printer.


I got it :wink: :+1:

Also, reading all the extra lore, has trs thought of publishing books, similar to how there are halo books and gears of war books? @Takran


After 4 months of absence, you’re back! AND ready for more stuff!


Yeah. I never stopped playing evolve though. I had been preoccupied. I have been making other stuff and thought that I should revisit evolve. Ease back into some evolve sculpts. Nothing too ambitious at the start right now.


I wish, but I don’t think they have the rights. That saaaaid, one of my side projects is to make an Evolve Universe home-brew DnD campaign for my crew, soooooo, eventually there will be that.

Also on a totally separate note, the bucket adaptation grizzle mentioned is a totally separate one. It’s on the radar :wink:


Captain Bucket? I’m assuming Grizzle saw him early or something?


Sort of like Undertale/Heartbound/Super Mario RPG games/Pokemon games/etc…?


Should make an obsidian grub

[Edit] How do you make a thread, cause I want to make one to see what people thing the monsterized wildlife of shear would like like.

Mammoth birds - something kraken like
Obsidian grubs - something behemoth like
Trap Jaw - Daisy monster would be funny

[Edit 2] I mean after the monster terraforming thing that I only know about from the forums, kinda don’t know exactly happened with that.