[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve

Uh… what does being a special talent have anything to do with having the ability to “charge peoples class abilities by connecting them with a beam”?

The beam connected health pools, but that was different. I’ll double check my sources later when I’m home, but I recall he was planned to be able to set up barriers by lifting arrays of stone. I don’t explicitly recall if it was technological or telepathic (thematically I feel like either could work), but if memory serves I want to say the idea was to go with the theme of the telepaths revealed in the fiction on the same day.

I’ll verify this later though.

EDIT: from the official quote, jack “messed with the wrong tech” which “alerted his matter” as the last concept, but nothing was remotely finalized. It reminded me of M121, and with that I kind of associated it with the telepaths.

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I don’t think so? At least not in my mind. Really the design for Jack was too early to have anything concrete, and mostly a brainstorm.

That said, I think that the idea was that during deepest dark, Hyde was turning into a monster because of his refusal to wear masks, so he got over - exposed to mutagen (and so he put on a mask finally for hellfire Hyde). In Jacks case, while no story was nailed down, in my mind he had the same experience happen to him as that one character from the Akhenaten where over exposure to the monsters and the weak points in cherenkov space unleashed latent powers. I guess I just like the idea of bringing the unused fiction ideas into the adaptations, and using it to pay off the super hero theme jack always had going for him.

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Maybe he could’ve been a new monster to play too. He’d be called Hyde-ous from my idea.
I suppose however that the devs never talked about Hyde becoming a playable monster…but maybe if one day I start my project with enough experience (the one for Unity that I never started yet), I’d probably be able to decide how he’d look like and what could be his abilities.

Hahaha that pun XD

Honestly that would probably be so far down the line, I doubt there would have been talk about it.

Also I think what’s going on with him isn’t quite the same as kala either. In deepest dark, the monsters are sort of teraforming Shear and mutating all the life on it to become more monstrous and corrupted. He’d definitely end up as something weird without treatment, but what kala put herself through strikes me as far more damaging.

But again, that’s all speculation since nothing was finalized.

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It’s finally ready!!


Art Direction:

Warbucket was definitely further out on the development schedule, but the nature of his kit was fairly well solidified. Many aspects of what he was intended to be can be seen throughout various scrapped ideas in concept art. Though we only had one really good reference for what he may have looked like, Shika and I were able to infer a lot from his kit and descriptions. We did take some creative liberties in places we couldn’t find anything finalized. For example, to match the extinction era color palate and extend the details regarding his sword being made from the wreck of the Laurie-Anne, we fashioned his whole body from the ship’s presumed wreckage. While there is no specific reference for the jetpack, since his kit is so centered on staying in the air, we gave him mini-laurie-anne wings for his jetpack. We also connected his swords to his jetpack with a pipeline based on his melee mechanics and some concept art of hyde with a similar sword. Though there is no perfect interpretation of warbucket, I personally believe this is the best recreation possible given what is known:

Significant Reference Images Used For This Art:

“a giant bucket in a war suit similar to Lennox. His primary was one of the wings for the Loreann fashioned into a giant sword and he could use his jetpack to stay in the air”
[[From the End of Evolve Q&A and Streams]] ( The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A )

“Bucket would have multiple bodies his head could plug into”
[[from the end of evolve livestream]]

The most up to date concept art of warbucket. This was before the sword and jetpack combo was a thing, so he lacks these notable features.

Greatsword Hyde
Looks like Hyde was concepted to be the sword guy at some point! This is the sword we used in our version of the art

Laurie Anne 2
We themed warbucket after the Laurie-Anne since this is what his weapons are made from. Most of his coloration we lifted directly from the Laurie-Anne, then added whites to help thematically match him with Paladin Parnell since they share a plot era.

Paladin Parnell 3
Paladin Parnell, the only other member of the extinction era actually released. We tried to make Warbucket look cohesive with him.

My photoshopped attempt at making a concept for Warbucket.

Jetpack Back Reference
Though not visible in this image, I tried to base his jetpack on a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter propulsion system since he would sort of play like a jet with swords on.


  1. Melee Attacks - Warbucket’s primary move is like Lennox’s plasma lance, but instead of stacking a damage boost, each hit helps refuel the jetpack.
  2. Dash - Like Lennox’s jump, but straight and in the direction warbucket is facing
  3. ??? - ((Likely something that sustains him in combat))
  4. Assault Matrix - Standard Assault Tech, reduces incoming damage by 75%
Developer Quotes On Abilities “My favorite bucket though was WarBucket, a giant bucket in a war suit similar to Lennox. His primary was one of the wings for the Loreann fashioned into a giant sword and he could use his jetpack to stay in the air as long as he was hitting stuff.” [[From the End of Evolve Q&A and Streams]] ( https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/the-final-evolve-livestream-q-a/106172?u=takran )

"warbucket had a directional dash and I don’t recall what else. I think it was something defensive, so he did the die in close combat. He was only on paper though”
[[From an old chat with TheGentlemanSquirrel regarding this project]]


Warbucket is part of the Extinction Era plot. After the worst happens in deepest dark, the remaining members of The Crew retaliate and use Kala to enter the monster home world and end the war once and for all. Little is known of this era other than the fact that Paladin Parnell, Warbucket, and Mecha-Sunny lead the charge using big bulky Mecha technology scrapped together in a last ditch attempt to defeat the monsters once and for all. It is speculated that some sort of Patterson effect is used to destabilize the Cherenkov space between dimensions, locking monsters and humans into their respective home worlds, at least for a time. However even though humanity wins the war through this risky maneuver, both the human and monster dimensions have both been damaged beyond imagining, and humanity re-enters a dark age as they prepare to slowly rebuild.

Developer Quotes and Details on Story "Is this the time period at the tail end of the war, where Palnell, WarBucket, and Sunnex hit them where they live?" "Yes" [[From the End of Evolve Q&A]] ( https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/the-final-evolve-livestream-q-a/106172?u=takran ) "Yes, using Kala they would have traveled through the weak points. Paladin, Warbucket, and Sunnex's group would have given them a good sucker punched. " "Yes, they would have. But the Monsters would have basically have sent Humans back to the Dark Ages."

Next up is probably Kali, though this may change due to time/budget constraints. I have something special planned for her art. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, as always, if you catch me with a wrong detail on any of these, please let me know. I’ll do the proper investigating and follow it up!


That’s really cool but I feel like the swords are backwards. Putting let’s on the front would make it harder to swing…

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That’s really cool to see, again. A dash like attack you say? So he could’ve been sorta like Genji from Overwatch in fact (and god I hate Genji), but WarBucket does not have any ranged attack I suppose…only melee ones.

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Damn, Bucket’s gone full-blown edgy anime OC.

It’s beautiful.


Do you know the movie rings? because if Kali isnt posted in 5 days , i will crawl out your screen and make you do it.

[Im Joking]


@CptBoomBoom the reason we designed the sword like that is because that’s how it was shown in concept art for Hyde oddly enough. It’s supposed to have the feel of a metal ship’s wing, thus the unusual shape. Plus, as a robot, I’d like to think bucket is sophisticated and precise enough to overcome the inpracticality of such a weapon. :laughing:

@Dovahkick hard to say since we don’t know the nature of that third slot ability, but given the sound of what The Gentleman Squirrel said, he probably traded range for insane mobility. And to be honest, I’ve taken some time to play sword only Lenox vs kraken on solo for kicks and giggles - for the duration the jetpacks lasts it’s shockingly effective. Mitigating that weakness would make it viable in my opinion. Also edgy as heck. :laughing:

@SirKeksalot yes. This may be my fault to an extent, but I’ll own that head on. :laughing: plus with the “small dude hurling himself through the air with swords to kill giant monsters” maaaaaay have influenced some of our creative decisions. >_>

@Venomic211313 kali will take some time, but this is because I’m doing something extra for her. Irk be worth the wait. In the meantime, I’ll angle my TV and computer to face out the window of an upper story building and see how much samara likes gravity.


I look forward to the work, I really wish these variants could’ve made it into the game, its nice to know people take the time to gather info about them and such


Just saw this and OMG I wish this was a thing!

I literally since Torvald was coming out though that a dual wielding sword melee assault would be awesome!
(Plasma lance mentioned but I like the picture!)

My thoughts on it were that each successful strike could boost the shield a tiny by (legacy)
And that as a ranged attack you could send out an x plasma attack from the swords.
The shield regen would be the other ability and only activated, not a passive.

May not be that practical, but the art made me think of it again!!!


Oh man that reminds me, while Torvald’s adaptation had no development yet, I had a great idea for his kit and aesthetic based on some scraped metamorphosis mechanics. :smiling_imp:

I’ll get to him later though. He’ll be in the mostly fan designed category, so it’ll be a while.


@Torvald_Stavig would be proud of you


when Gimli fights the Titans


can you estimate how long kali will take?

No clue. The best answer I can give is “as soon as I save enough money to give shika an appropriate commission” plus it’ll depend on her availability too.

Like I said, I have something special in mind, so this will probably take longer than most.