[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve

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I am finally on the road to being alive and functional again, and I’m good to continue if you are! I have the revision references ready to send as of right now. We can talk on that private thread to work out details!


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Ladies and gentlemen, the update is live! All my thanks go to @Shika for hanging in there and making this possible!


Also tentatively called Kala or Kalea

Art Direction:

Kali was one of the most detailed pieces of scrapped concept art, so we got a pretty good idea of what she’d look like. The design intent was for her to have elements of every other monster, and to have advanced beyond them all. For colors, we know from her hunter form that she has a heavily kraken and wraith inspired palate. For her glow, I chose bright yellow to make her armor glow and central eye stand out with as much intensity as possible. Also, it bears mentioning that the large glowing central eye is designed to have the silhouette of what used to be Kala’s human body.

The amazing art Shika created is of a stage 3 Kali. At some point, I intend to commission the stage 2 and 1 versions based on other concept art and descriptions from the development team. In my mind, her stage 1 form would be very humanoid, her stage 2 would look like a mishmash of every monster, and her stage 3 below would look like something that has evolved beyond a mish-mash of everything else into it’s own supremely powerful form.

Significant Reference Images Used For This Art:

The main piece of Kali art released to the public showing her in her most powerful state.

More Kali concept art (along with other monster concepts), likely at stage 2. Used to fill in the details blurred in the shadows of her stage 3 art above.

“We had some concepts…but nothing finalized. Think Kraken mixed with Wraith.”
[[Aesthetic Comment by GentlemanSquirl]] (The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A)


Kali had a very complex ability set. Bear with me.

  1. ??? (Instance A) - Used to encode an ability.
  2. ??? (Instance B) - Used to encode an ability.
  3. ??? (Instance C) - Used to encode an ability.
  4. ??? (Ability Invocation) - Reads the sequence of all her other abilities, and recalls an ability of another monster based on the pattern chosen.

Passive: Unknown - I speculate this would have had some kind of passive benefit to things like attack, speed, or defense depending on the current configuration of her instances.

Traversal: Mimic-Jetpack - As a hunter turned monster, Kali would have had a jetpack style traversal that was mechanically the same as when she was Kala.

Ok, so this requires a bit more explaining than most kits. It is based largely on The Invoker Hero from DotA2. you use the first three abilities to create a code that the fourth ability combines to make a move. For example it may have looked something like this:

1-1-1 Meteor Goliath’s Fire Breath
1-1-2 = 1-2-1 = 2-1-1 Gorgon’s Acid Spit
1-1-3 = 1-3-1 = 3-1-1 Goliath’s Rock Throw
1-2-2=2-2-1 = 2-1-2 Kraken’s Lightning Strike
1-2-3 = 1-3-2 = 2-1-3 = 2-3-1 = 3-1-2 = 3-2-1 Elder Kraken’s Banshee Missile
1-3-3 = 3-1-3 = 3-3-1 Wraith’s Warp Blast
2-2-2 Phantom Wraith’s Super Punch
2-2-3 = 2-3-2 = 3-2-2 Behemoth’s Rock Wall
2-3-3 = 3-2-3 = 3-3-2 Glacial Behemoth’s Deep Freeze
3-3-3 One of Gorgon’s Adaptation’s Abilities

This would give Kali the widest and most complex movepool of any monster (10 attacks vs every other monster’s 4). Because the way you’d have to code then strike each time you’d use an ability, you’d really have to think ahead on your moves, but the potential for power would have been staggering.

Developer Quotes On Abilities

“Kala or Kalea was going to be an invoker style monster that used the abilities of other monsters(She mixed a bunch of monster DNA and injected it into herself, so it kind of fit). She would have 3 ability buttons when used in different combos produced unique effects. So if you hit, 1-1-3 you may get flame breath, 2-3-2 may give you rockwall. We would have made the abilities slightly different than their real counter parts, but largely the same. She would have been a very versatile monster.”
[[Final Evolve Livestream discussion with GentlemanSquirl]] ( The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A )

“Hunter dodge and hover.
Edit - that’s what we were going to try. Nothing set in stone all just spaghetti on the wall. We didn’t get that far with her, so I don’t know.”
[[Traversal discussion with GentlemanSquirl]] ( What would be Kali's Traversal? )


We don’t have a perfect image of Kala/Kali’s story, but given several breadcrumbs along all the released information, I will piece together the best image I can.

Kala inevitably succumbed to the monster HNA taking over her system. It is fair to speculate that she somehow escaped The Crew around the time of the phantom wraith hunt, but remained half lucid as her inner monster took over. In this time, she completed her research and found the truth behind the monster attacks (everything from what they are, how they operate, their intentions, and what motivates them), leaving clues behind for The Crew to find and use to end the apocalypse. She finally lost her humanity completely, her evolution initiating The Cataclysm and changing the way other monsters adapted to fight humans. Her body acts as a sort of biological terraforming unit that optimizes our world for the creation and evolution of new monsters. It is this effect that makes The Deepest Dark so nasty - it is all a product of Kala’s presence. During the Deepest Dark, Hyde finds her research notes and uses them to help try and stop the spread of the monsters and to try to kill Kali herself. She meets her end at Hyde’s hands, ending the spread of corruption in our reality and leading into the Extinction Era.

Developer Quotes and Details on Story

So while the Monsters are spreading out into the universe, we have Hyde, his Mutants, the Shear weak points in space and Kala. Caira was right, Kala was losing her shit and changing into something bad (I was starting to design Kala’s variant, which was going to be a monster with access to more than 4 abilities…think Invoker from dota). Kala is a catalyst of sorts, the DNA in living things around her slowly twists and molds into something more friendly to our invaders. Imagine she is a planet teraformer of sorts, but for living things. Hyde’s a tough SOB and there is no way anything is gonna kill him. So while he is fighting to close these weak points, he is always slowly changing into something like Kala (We were going to put a mask on him, because his face was turning). Hyde also meets up with other folks that are mutating as well. These guys would have been variants and new characters. We had some real fun off the wall designs. Eventually, he would have killed Kala and closed the Weak points.
[[From the End of Evolve Q&A]] ( The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A)

Hyde’s mutant group using Kala’s research.
[[From the End of Evolve Q&A]] ( The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A )

Next up: Depends on the mood! I’ll update this as soon as I have my next set of resources together.**

(**I promise it won’t take all of eternity this time :stuck_out_tongue: )


Well worth the wait! Phenomenal as always, Shika, and astute as per the usual Takran.


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Seriously loving this thread!


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Seriously, this manages to make me both happy to see what could’ve come of my favourite hunter’s arc, but at the same time so damn sad I didn’t get to play it ;-;


So let me do the before/after comparison:

The draw is much cleaner, less blurry and more or less detailed. The wings are no longer pointy, the Behemoth hand is more “rocky” and no longer “pawy”, her inferior right arm has been replaced by a human hand (?), the left one by a Gorgon one, the crown no longer looks like leaves, her eyes have been reaproached together and are round, her mouth is now a bunch of mandibles instead of a pair, her chest has more glowing spots and her humanoïd spot on the head is much more visible.

I see that there’s a lot of work put in and I respect it a lot, but honestly, the head of Kali in the final draw looks…weirder. I don’t know, I prefer the older one.

On a last note, who is 00ShadowDragon00?


If you want the design intent behind the changes, this is my reasoning:

For the mouth, we see in the concept art I’ve attributed to be her stage 2 form that her mouth had changed to be primarily a bunch of mandibles with almost no visible mouth. If you overlay the “stage 2” head with the “stage 3” head, it actually lines up almost perfectly. My goal was to come as close to the original design intent as possible, and I believe this is the direction they were going for (at least as far as it got before things abruptly ended).

For the eye, one of the central pieces of the design was that the central “eye” was a hole in the shape of Kala’s old body. It is the final human element of her design, and needed to act as a major focal point, so we made it larger and more defined.

For the arms, this again comes from using the “stage 2” art to guide the stage 3 art. The scythe hand is directly from the “stage 2” form. As for the behemoth arm, I felt that behemoth was the only one not being represented well in her shape, and from the art we can tell we have some strong asymmetry between those arms. From early development notes, I read that monsters generally (but not always) avoided mammalian features, so I felt trading the paw for behemoth like features was a safe call.

Finally, for the wings and crown changes, this was 50% using overlays from the sketches, and 50% a result of my own design. In my head, I believe that the stage 1 to 3 Kali would go something like “human-like -> monster mashup -> eldritch abomination”. The origin of the monsters was supposed to be lovecraftian in nature, so I used similarly inspired art as a guideline. A common technique to make a monster feel otherworldly is to intersperse unnatural geometric shapes within natural biological ones. In guiding these changes, I took heavy inspiration from the eldrazi from magic the gathering - specifically the Kozilek Lineage if you want to look up some examples. Applying this actually worked shockingly well when we did the overlay it with the concept art, so we stuck with it. The entire intention of the new head is to look weirder and alien to reality.

Needless to say, Shika knocked every single aspect of this out of the park. :wink: She’s pretty badass!

Also 00ShadowDragon00 is one of Shika’s art account names.

I’m glad everybody is enjoying the thread so much! It’s fun to be back in the swing of things!




I kinda like it in the end. I don’t know, this noon I prefered the older draw, but now it’s 50-50. I like them both now.

Something’s wrong with me…am I beggining to like stuff more and more with the time? Or was it something I never knew I had in myself?
It’s like when she drew Edward, she said his face wasn’t what she expected to be, which I admited. But with the time, I began to believe that “it’s good like this in the long run”.


It’ll grow on you. Like a tumor. Or a parasite. Or a siamese twin.



So happy to see people enjoy the art! <3
Thank you all again for being so patient with us, too!

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