Stage 2: Kala Strategy, Tips and Advice

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When the monsters armour is full, try to focus on the armour reducer instead of your banshee mines. Also, try to communicate when you use it with your team, so they can throw in their burst damage during the reducing of the armour.

Try to throw a teleporter pad in the middle of the map, so you can quickly jump back incase the monster got past you.

Try to aim the banshee mines just so that they turn red and start homing in on the monster, for increased damage

So its not THAT big of a deal when the medic goes down, but it still is a chance for the Monster to wipe the team.
So what I want to know, would it be a good strategy to do as much health damage as possible, and shortly before the medic goes down, the 3 others go through a teleporter far away, so that the Monster only gets the Medic and nobody else?

Well, if Medic is going down you need to get a lot of health damage or you’ll be absolutely hammered. If I had a team that listened to me, I’d coordinate Armor Reducer (if monster has full armor) or just spam Siren Missiles if it has low armor and do as much damage as possible, then when Medic is basically done for use a teleporter that would basically be behind the rock we’re standing on.

However since I don’t I end up with Assault running away, Trapper trying to solo it and I’m pinging the teleporter like crazy but they just ignore it and die.

That aside, I know when to use the Armor Reducer and I know when to use Siren Missiles; I think I’m decent at keeping a central warp, which I’ve used to cut off a monster and dome it many, many times so far; I always set up retreat and recovery warps in and out of domes. I’m just wondering what else I can work on to improve?

I really do like Kala though.

Hello , i really wanna play Kala as a support , but im wondering which perks i should take with her ? should i take as much capacity for her armor thing ?

Go for capacity, movement speed, jetpack recharge. At least, that’s what I like to run

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I would go for capacity and damage.

If you think you’ll be using warp pads to cut off and trap a monster often, take movement and jetpack perks.

If not, capacity is alright yes but in all honesty reload is better for her, because it benefits her entire kit, not just one weapon. Reload, Command for fast shieldbursts, and whatever else you choose for T1 perk.

My thoughts on Kala is id use the armor reducer outside the dome to get as much damage before the team decided to bring up the dome my reason is basically in a dome the monster loses health and gets freed or he gets his down and gets freed so why not try to take some extra health before the dome comes up. My thoughts on using the reducer in the dome is don’t do it my reason is because the monster can only take so much permanent health damage and his free (no chase damage if the monster still has armor)so what I would do in a dome is be on siren missiles to allow for chase damage and also to help get the damage on the monster to have a successful engagement and also keep a teleport up just in case someone gets in trouble. My perks id pick is ones to help sustain the team so jetpack perk (rocket man) and class ability cool down slot 2 and 3.

So, you want Capacity as your gold perk. Not only does it let you keep up armor reducer longer, it also allows you to shoot 6 siren mines, which is the maximum that you can have out at a time. You probably want some survivability on your silver/red perks, so probably jet pack dodge efficiency or distance.

make sure that you take both energy perks and remember that your armor reducer does damage on its own

You only need the gold energy perk. The silver one doesn’t increase the clip on your missiles and even if it did you can only have 6 mines out at a time.

i use play armor reducer kala and only use my mines while its recharging

With all the different opinions I’m not sure what is best but IMO I use AR a lot. Health dmg is permanent. Whenever a monster decides to fight before the dome is ready I use AR freely. If the dome is called in I use AR so long as there is plenty of time left on the duration to dmg the armor for the chase. I understand you want no armor for the chase dmg because at that point the monster is running and not fighting back but that doesn’t mean you should never use AR unless it’s stage 3. I believe shorter duration on the dome is a good thing. That’s less time for the monster to down hunters. Yes you are giving the monster more time for the match but how many times have you seen a match end from the timer? I haven’t seen anyone besides newbs do that. The tricky part is using AR to it’'s fullest by syncing with your assault while still leaving enough time to destroy the armor for the chase. Anyone only using it at stage 3 relay fight is wasting it’s potential.

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This requires very good sync and a decent parnell (reliable burst dmg). I think just damaging the monster with sirens to help the team eat through the armour is better because a lot of the times you destroy almost all of it’s armour between 2 AR periods. I believe missiles do more DPS than AR so you would have destroyed all of it’s armour using the missiles at that same time frame…

Using AR on the chase is dodgy. If you cannot get it at some point (distance, monster doding you around obstacles) and others are shooting him you are not doing health dmg. It’s unreliable chase dmg. Especially on stage 1 where the monster is a lot weaker then the hunters - you should be able to stay alive, eat through the armour and do some chase dmg.

In short:

  • if you use the armour reducer and the dome goes down before destroying his armour - it was MAYBE faster than without using it (because the missile do more dps) and you probably will not do as much chase dmg if he still has armour.
  • If you use the reducer twice but you destroy his armour in the dome completely before it going down - you did straight up less dps and it was a bad call…

Kala teleporters are also very important in a dome, you cannot throw them while using the AR. If you stop you are not doing permanent dmg (which is your plan), if you don’t stop someone might die if he is half health and the teleporter was destroyed.

On the flip side: Kala is very strong (just like crow) in full endgame scenarios and with these new mechanics of stopping the game timer when fighting between domes. The monster cannot do that to you when you have Kala unless someone overextended hard (not full health, doesn’t have jetpack, going alone etc.)