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Hi, I been wondering: What are the best perks for Jack in the Stage 2? and Reload speed affects the recharge rate of the Repulsor?

Yes from what I understand reload speed works on just about everything that is not the #4 key abilities.

But I do not know if I should go for capacity because it seems like the repulsor instantly empties whenever a traversal ability is used so maybe that could be better. But if I go reload speed then it can be full charged in no time at all… Hmm decisions decisions…

Switch, reload and jetpack recharge.

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Is reload still worth it after the latest change to his repulsor though?

Reload is universal.

I like using 3 move speed perks. Just flat out running the monster to ground really screws up eating.

Down side is grtting focused by the range monsters but it actually helps me more vs the melee monsters than jp related perks. Plus it really helps for positioning purposes when paired with planet scan speed boost.

I have also been struggling with Jackal in the new game. Has anyone tried double capacity? I was told that allows 2 or 3 blocks, depending on the attack. You lose out on Pistols & Survey Sat compared to reload perks, but his damage is so abysmal already, I don’t see that as actually losing much. Although, seeing as the Repulsor doesn’t work unless fully charged (such an awful change :frowning: ), double Reload might be the way to go.

Had all speed perks on and still the Monster had no problem keeping up with me