Stage 2: it should be made MUCH clearer that playing the tutorial unlocks Goliath and Markov!


All I have come across after several matches are Meteor Goliaths, not the regular one. I’m assuming MG is this week’s rotation and that’s the only monster the newbies can use. The only indication that they should play the tutorial seems to be one of the rotating info panels in the main menu, which sadly not nearly enough people bother to pay attention to.

Newbies should be FORCED to play the tutorials just to play the game at all, or at least get several messages recommending to do it, so that they’d only refuse it if they REALLY don’t care about unlocking new characters. As it stands, I doubt they even realize why Markov and Goliath are greyed out.

Even one of my legacy Evolve friends was wondering why his Markov was unselectable out of all heroes. He thought they were still balancing him like with Behemoth!