Stage 2 is too Hunter-favored

i’m sure everyone has already seen it when playing as monsters. Hunters spam planet scanner, you are forced to run around map and boom, not even stage 2 yet and you’re dead because they dome you. Dome, which is centered around you, not the hunter, leaving you with no possibility to escape it in stage 1.

TurtleRock has made this game too Hunter-favored, with gameplay reduced to “game starts, monster runs around the map, feeding scraps, get’s domed in stage 1, dies”. I mean, that’s what literally happens in every fucking match, if you’re playing against competent team and not against Noob hunters who don’t even know how to play.

So until Turtlerock fixes this by increasing the planetary scanner cooldown to 1 - 3 min, remakes the dome hunter-based and overall fix their god damn anti-cheat, i will not play and most certainly keep recommendig people to not play until Turtlerock fixes this hunter-favored bullshit. Former pro, signing out

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You literally can’t lose more than about 20-25% (the 5% is from the chase after drop) hp in the first dome unless you get greedy and stick around after it drops. The game is very monster favored in pubs, and hunter favored at the top 1%.

Trust me as a Monster at Stage 1 you can get a down or 2 your an amazing player

I will go with you on 45 Seconds for most trappers

So the guy above is right, you can’t take more than 20% health damage in the first dome, so as a monster it’s important to keep an eye on the timer or listen for the announcer. Once you get damaged enough the dome comes down you want to just get out of there fast. Try to wait for all of your traversals to be ready and then use them one after another, in a straight line heading for the opposite end of the map.

Also, because of this, there is nothing to lose in trying to go full ham on the enemy support or medic. If you take one down then the amount of max damage you can take before the dome comes down is reduced to something like 8% instead of 20%. If you don’t get the down, then the worst case scenario is that 20% health loss before you can run.

Once the planet scanner has done pinging you (the message will disappear in the top left of your UI), try changing the direction you were heading while sneaking. You don’t need to do this for long, maybe 60 meters or so. If the hunters are relying on the planet scanner then you could end up sending them the wrong way and give yourself enough distance to feed up some more! This is no different to juking Gobi in Legacy

Finally, because the dome is centred around you, YOU have the power! Know the hunters are coming and the dome is ready? Hug a big pillar. By keeping close to a pillar you guarantee a looped dome if they decide to try and catch you. While you’ll have to attack so as not to run out of game time, at least you’ll have some useful terrain to juke around and mitigate that damage and potentially force the hunters to break LoS.


That said, maybe check these videos from another pro for a better understanding why it is definitely possible. Hard, for sure, but not impossible: (ESL player)


Can I have your stuff?

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i don’t lose against these noob teams you meet in matches, those i can slaughter at stage 1 easily as Wraith. What’s annoying is when you’re facing non-noob team that (somehow) have insta resurrect even when medic and others are far away from the downed hunter, with medic being non-laz. And let’s not talk about these fucking insta-hull healths even noobs these days seem to be using…

that aside, i have seen actual footage of cheaters playing multiplayer matches with cheats on, while my friend tested few he found with simply google search and what he gets? working cheats with no anti-cheat flagging or getting banned. He isn’t using them anymore of course, but it seems that TurtleRock doesn’t even bother blocking the cheats you can find with Google search… Stage 2 is now officially bullshit

Turtle rock are hard at work on cheats, regardless of how you see their progress. :slight_smile:

Then maybe they should do google searches on “Evolve Cheats and hacks” and check how people actually cheat, so that they can more effectively block future and present cheats. At any rate, This monster-based Dome is bullshit, planetary scanner kills Stealth completely with it’s spammability (no need to even bother with it anymore) and let’s not talk about how several of maps in hunt are hunter-favored these days, with the bright lights and clear views…

There are several other features Turtlerock has made in stage 2 that makes this game too Hunter-favored, leaving with only most-skilled monsters to even stand against competent hunters (even the hunters are now nerfed to make the game hunter-favored, while monsters get minor boosts at best)

If your are dying stage 1 from first Dome it’s probably because you stay and fight after first dome…learn to read hwo hunters move, each group moves diff, some stay together others seperate…perhaps they seperate too much you may capitalize on those mistakes…point being dont get too greedy feeding, also depends on what monster, i found goliath and behemoth easy tho chase…harder ones deff Krakens their natural move speed is high as hek :v

Stealth still takes large part in the game mostly in pubs…people just dont understand how monsters play…so much so that you can hide INSIDE the dome…If you can hide inside the dome imagine the whole map :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, have you checked the gameplay videos? These players are anything but pubs and are among the highest ranked right now.

That said, I record all my gameplay ever since I encountered a cheater and I will continue to report them. Cheating/hacking is a plague with any game, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc… (That doesnt mean you need to give up on the game because of it)

You can rarely hide inside a Dome, i have only managed that once. I have always played mainly Wraith, but i am skilled in other monsters too. The devs should return the maps to their previous stage, as well as increase the number of maps available in hunt… i don’t even want to start making custom games just to play some different map

It sounds like you’ve made your mind up, which is fine :slight_smile:

You really aren’t meant to any more. It sounds to me like you’re having trouble with adapting to a new play style, as Brandon explained many in TRS were having when they first made these changes.

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No, i have not checked the vids you linked yet, i have been busy trying to find the list my friend made of the hacks/cheats he tested two days ago that work perfectly without anti-cheat engine even picking them up, as well as replying to you guys… that piece of shit paper is here somewhere…

Also, taking this link from another Forum post, it really doesn’t seem that they are doing good work with anti-cheat, seeing as this footage is only 14 hours old

As I said, you can feel they’re not doing good enough on anti-cheat, that’s your feelings. All I can say is they’re working as hard as they’re able to right now on squashing cheats and exploits. :slight_smile:

Edit: also tagging @MrStrategio in case he’s not seen what’s in the twitch link you posted.

Edit2: If you have information on cheats do PM them to @MrStrategio or @Shaners and they’ll get it in to the system for it to be looked at assuming it’s not there already

like i said, i borrowed the link from another forum post, so he might have seen it already. But this really says about the quality of anti-cheat we’re facing.

Thanks for being supportive in the meantime :slight_smile:

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As a monster, I can say the scales are tipped in hunter favour.
But if you’re in pub’s, you can’t complain. It only becomes a bother at higher level gameplay.

In all honesty, pub’s are boring because it’s easy to kill players that can’t work together.

I think good/slightly skilled hunters are the most fun to fight. The ones that are good enough to work together, but not to the point of exploiting god comp’s/cheese tactics.

I’ve played against extremely skilled hunter teams, and it gets to the point where it’s pure frustration. When you fight them, you realize how it’s nearly impossible to break their shields and eat into their health fast enough to even be worth it… While you try to kill them, they’re easily destroying your health and armour.