Stage 2: Infravision & Ultravision



Are these any good? Just by looking at the description, being able to see creatures at a certain range seems pointless, why do I need to know where they are? Elite buffs have a symbol above them anyway, and I never step on plants or get eaten by Megamouths. Does it let me see the Monster through walls, then I MIGHT consider it, even then the Monster is so close I can literally see it anyway!

Does it also let me see monster traps, because it’s pretty useless considering there’s only 2 trap abilities in the game (Banshee Mine/Spider), and why would I need to remember where I put my Maggie harpoons? Pretty sure they have an indication above them too don’t they?

There are just so many different options that seem better, it just looks like a waste of keys at this point


Yes I believe it does

So that if you or one of your teammates is being focused and is about to go down you can run to a “safe area” you’ve created and the monster will be delayed and have to deal with the harpoons while you or your teammate get healed up.


It’s also useful against sneaking monsters, you can see them through walls. Prevents jukes


It allows you to see the monster itself and Spider Traps within the specified range. Not sure if Banshee Mines count as “traps.” It should allow you to see the carnivorous plants as well, which helps a lot with avoiding them on the chase or killing them for your teammates.

It’s potentially useful for Cabot if the range is maxed out to keep up food and armor denial with his railgun, though you could argue other perks would be more rewarding to pick. It could be super useful for players who are new, or for denying a sneaky monster, but I can’t speak for much tactical use besides those reasons.


Once you start facing monsters that are of higher skill they will attempt to juke you by hiding after the planet scanner is done, letting you run by and then heading back on themselves. These perks really help you out by allowing you to see if they are cowering away hoping to trick you!

Also, in a fight against certain monsters it gives you vital extra info as to what the monster is doing on the other side of the object you’re either trying to dodge around or search for the monster behind.

Finally, man eating plants. No amount of warning about where these buggers are is too little!


I don’t see my self ever considering it, I prefer my jetpack recharge/efficiency/jump height, reload speed for spamming harpoons and weapons, and damage boosts for Assaults or weapon swap


Main and very important question: Do they Stack?


If it stacks, is that 10 from tier 1, and 20 from tier 2 for a total of 30 huge meters?


Did Colville get these names in the game? Definitely old school D&D.


Tier 1 maxed out is 15 meters.

Is it useful? That depends on a lot of things.

Personally I find tier one useful for Lennox -

For reasons discussed, and illustrated here.

Is it the most powerful? Arguably no. Useful? In plenty of practical situations for me, yes. Emphasizing again it’s a tier one perk. Some of the other options things like 5% move speed, or a fraction of a second faster weapon swaps- damage boosts which give you additional damage equal to about 1-2 seconds of fire from an assault if you’re doing 5000 damage. They’re not meant to be super strong.

Other characters get other uses out of them as well

The perks do indeed highlight spider mines- which makes taking them out painfully easy.

Some characters can take advantage of it when avoiding monsters around obstructions- easily seeing which way they can kite to avoid the monster.

15 meters doesn’t sound like much but that’s a 30 meter bubble of perfect visibility at all times. That had a lot of advantages.

The perks do stack (all perks do). So characters like Cabot have interesting synergy. Nearly 40-50 meters of infra vision means you can stand in the center of a done and -never- not see the monster- allowing you to constantly apply pressure at all times. Monster mitigating trying to channel armor? Denied.

As mentioned before sneaky monsters will try and juke the assault at any and every chance at a high level. @deanimate is famous for this. Often literally just on the other side of a rock- circling as you do. He’s smart enough to know not to use the smell ability giving away his position, and instead uses the monster auto senses and his hearing to keep tabs on you.

I primarily play customs with old competitive players so take it all with a grain of salt. But the amount of times I have had monsters players ask how the hell I knew where they were and get annoyed when I started striking them through the wall would surprise you. It’s a very annoying ability to be on the receiving end of.


Yeah they sent me the list of perks and their temp names, I spent a couple of days trying to standardize some of the naming conventions and made my own suggestions and as far as I know they just accepted all my suggestions. :smiley: So Infravision and Ultravision are OUT of the current edition of D&D, but IN the current edition of Evolve!


Im glad im not the only one to have thought about this connection- And even happier to see the idea confirmed hahaha.


Despite playing it since it came out, I tend to forget it’s just darkvision now. Then again, they dropped infravision in third edition.

Ultravision was the real give away.


what´s the use of those perks? i mean if there wheren´t like all other perks 1000 times more powerful, i would consider this. but as of now, i can´t see how this even got further than the drawing board.


Ofcourse in current game they are pointless,it is extremely hard to make excuse why you took it instead of other things.
I never seen anyone using it.


k… you will be called wallhacker if you run them on cabot. anything else those are usefull for?


you will be called wallhacker with cabot anyway because of his tetris-spore fart mark cloud

They are no good to already good player

I guess newbie can use them to not die in the plant?

I want them to stay unchanged

people ask me ‘what perks u run?’ and I m like ‘supervision infravision and ultravision’ and they are like cool thank you

If it gets removed/changed what will be left to troll ?