Stage 2 in 2 minutes


I see some monsters get to stage 2 in 2 minutes of round time. Considering the 40 sec delay for hunters hunters have a little more than 1 minute to track the monster before it gets to stage 2. Is this really how you guys want it? What can hunters do to prevent the monster getting to stage 2 in a bit more than 1 minute?


You have planet scanner use it. You’ll get 2-3 uses before they’re stage 2.


Only good hunters catch me at Stage 1, as a Monster who Evolves in the 1st 2 minutes. This is because they split up, cut me off, and wrangle me in. A lot of new Hunters just follow my tracks, which will always, ALWAYS result in working toward the Monster’s favor.


Devs agree that monsters are staging up too fast, and are looking into ways to stall it. Unless those changes have already been made. In which case, ignore me.

Nah, with pure feeding speed perks, its possible to evolve within like, 1:20 of the match start, which only gives the hunters like 30 seconds to catch them, which honestly is no time at all.


Either I am already evolving around 2 minutes - 2minutes 30s or I am Evolve ready if they dome me at stage 1


Considering Round Length is now 12 minutes? It’s perfect the way it is right now. If it takes any longer than 3 minutes to evolve to Stage 2, then the Hunters will win every single Stage 3 Relay fight due to time constraints alone. Even a difficult match I just win by mere seconds left on a stopped clock.I think it’s perfect the way it is right now.


But its not. Monsters are evolving to stage 2, and hunters have almost no chance to stop. Thats the exact thing the devs want to avoid.
It seems to me like you don’t run the full feeding speed perks that the monsters I’m citing use. So you’re probably fine. I’m just saying that in some situations, theres a problem, and they’re trying to fix it.


It’s quite easy to get to Stage 3 in under 5 minutes. Adding one strider to each stage up isn’t going to drastically change the dynamics of this. However I feel that things might settle down a bit more once hunters figure out how to properly go after the monsters. Right now a lot of them are still trying to get a feel for the game (so it appears, since a lot of them don’t have a clue on what to do yet), so give it some time.


They added extra meat requirement in the micropatch yesterday


A good team has NO PROBLEM cutting me off at Stage 1. This whole “They have no chance” thing is total BS. Stop saying it.What you say is “Players who aren’t working together have no chance of catching a Monster”, which I will agree with. But never, ever, balance this game around people who don’t work together. The people who do work together are hard enough as it is.Please don’t turn this into the Nightmare of a game that Evolve 1.0 was when everyone cried that Monsters were too good, which eventually made Hunters SUPER over powered. My fights against hard, good hunter teams currently feels very balanced, please don’t ruin this game again.


Before the patch people were able to evolve in 1 minute 30 seconds. And that was when matches were 20 minutes long.

The latest patch even increased how much food a stage 1 and 2 monster has to eat before evolving. If anything, monsters who know where to go and know how to juke and are able to stage up before getting domed, I would say it is definitely legit.

Stage 1 encounters/domes can happen, but doesn’t mean it is intended to be a guarantee.


I agree. Versus well coordinated team of I assume veterans the fights seem VERY well balanced. I personally had 2 or 3 games where I was winning as stage 3 with one bar of health or even losing to a whole team who had by the time I hit stage 3, one or two strikes on them. Very well balanced matches vs ppl with expierience but I agree that new and inexperienced players (like me when I am forced to play hunter :P) are getting stomped.


Then hopefully this issue is ironed out.

But its not? Can you honestly say that a team can cut you off in a little under 30 seconds, directly after getting off the dropship? Theres no real counterplay to that. I can probably find a video if you need, but I don’t see what the huge deal is. Like I said, theres a combination of perks that lets you be evolve ready the moment hunters get boots on the ground. Theres no problem of them not cutting you off, they were on the dropship, what can they do against that? Christ sake, I’m a monster player, I know what its like, but there are some things that were just stupid. [quote=“flamand_quebec13, post:11, topic:91165”]
Before the patch people were able to evolve in 1 minute 30 seconds. And that was when matches were 20 minutes long.

Yes. The current build aims to make this less likely.

See, but thats the thing. Monsters weren’t juking to stage up, they were staging up before the hunters had any time to do anything. They’d get boots on the ground, take two steps, and then “The monster…has evolved”.
^ Thats a no-no.


Then they’re losing out on any actual combat perks. I mean 1 minute 20 is a bit fast but they’re also crippling themselves in fights.


If anything, that tells me that either the team wasn’t good enough to find the monster before he had the chance to stage up. Know that there are speed teams to help with this: Sunny, Caira, Parnell all have something that could get to the monster faster.


I think the issue exists because of people taking the speed eating + traversal regen perk. Great for getting distance and being evolve ready quickly.

Trouble is, while they get to stage 2, they are unlilkely to have any real cooldown reduction, or damage boosters, or even damage resistance. I know the devs in another thread said they’re keeping an eye on the effects of perks and I’m sure if it turns out that speed eating is better than risking a stage 1 with better combat perks, then they’ll do more revisiting on it.


Again, they didn’t even have the chance to find them. Its not that the hunters didn’t find them, its that the monsters are evolving before hunters even leave the dropship/directly after. Theres no way the hunters could prevent it.


That’s not possible, so you are telling me that there are monsters out there that immediately stage up as soon as the hunters hit the ground? Thats like 1 minute evolve, no way.


Idk if he can do it now but @Wednesday13 was very capable of doing that in Legacy Evolve afaik.


His speed record, I believe, was 1 minute 10-15 seconds (off course only he can confirm). But with the increase of meat needed to evolve and the fact that mammoth birds are only two meats now, it can’t be.

Unless…I wonder, but how fast does wildlife respawn? My feeding route typically consists of a lot of elite wildlife and the reaver spawns (since they are a pack, is 5 meat). If they respawn relatively fast, that could explain it (with feeding speed perk).