Stage 2: I found a Bug (Visual, not a bug?)


I was playing in game of evolve and i was the trapper so when i hit the monster with the darts in the ‘‘map’’ there were two monsters


@LilTrashPanda you’re in charge of UI, correct?

hopefully the old bug of having two Monsters on the map isn’t back…

Also, thank you for the screenshot!!


To me the monster marker with the numbers underneath isn’t on the map. It’s behind the map showing you where the monster is with the distance underneath. If you exit the map that marker should still be showing you where the monster is until the dart wares off. Not sure whether that’s the case though.


It’s not- well… Okay this is whats happening. You are seeing the tag on the minimap, but for some bizarre reason you also see the monster tag popping up through your minimap. Theres only 1 monster in the game so it’s a visual problem.


To clarify: the bottom right tag is the tag on the map. The left one is the tag ingame.


Ah, I see it now. Way too tired lol


I’ve seen it a few times and never thought of it as a visual bug until now… >_>


Might be nice if either one got fainter or was slightly different on the mini-map.
I can see where it’d be confusing.


I dunno one having the distance on it compared to the other is IMO obvious enough?


Is distance in-game?

Oh, I just had to ask that and I’ve played this game since launch lol I guess that answers that question…


When you dart them on the map it shows their exact position and on the hud it shows the distance in meters.