Stage 2: Hunter and monster skin bug (logged)


ok so this bug is a menu bug. somtimes at the game start screen it shows the monster’s name in red font, for some reason even though i chose wraith, it says goliath and the hunters names are not shown. then the hunters nor monters skin does not show up ingame.

not a major bug, but its annyoing none the less


I just want to make sure I got this right, you chose Wraith but then it shows you Goliath VS hunters and then when you go in game you are the Wraith but you don’t have the skin you picked? Is that what you are seeing?


Had the same bug yesterday.

One of our hunters disconnected (on the loading screen I think). When the match up was displayed, it showed all the characters on free rotation. In game we had the characters we picked though. But the skins weren’t visible for other persons. The hunters looked like raw polygon models.


yes , yes it is


We do have an issue in for this thank you for the report.