Stage 2: How much would you pay to unlock and fully upgrade all perks?


Aside from the question, that is separate and not what this thread is for, about how much the perks should cost in in-game currency, how much would you be willing to spend to unlock and upgrade all perks? I’m not really interested in the discussion about what founders get either, this is about what you would or wouldn’t be happy to pay in order to skip the grind (if you’d want to even skip the grind!)

  • I prefer to grind
  • $2
  • $2-$5
  • $5-$10
  • $10+

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I don’t know if TRS are planning such a thing, but I’m interested personally in what people’s feelings would be on value.


I’m a very impatient man, so I’d probably buy some kind of speed boost


Same here, I want access to everything.


I don’t prefer to grind, but also don’t really willing to pay anything. I don’t think it’s possible to separate this discussion from the “what founders should get” discussion because frankly I already had all the perks before, and that makes me hate having to unlock them again. Even with that, I wouldn’t mind if it were the simple straightforward account level grind to unlock them, but since it’s all split up with characters and keys it just feels really bad overall.

I picked $10+, since I consider perks to be basically part of the full game, and I’ve long been a proponent of f2p games offering a sale package that is “all gameplay options” (that is, everything that isn’t cosmetic) for roughly full-game price. That said, while I’d probably be willing to pay that since I hate the grind, I’d be pretty unhappy about it since I’d already bought the game.


I understand people have opinions on founders stuff, I appreciate you entered in to the spirit of the thread and answered as if there would be no change on that subject :slight_smile:


They need to add the feature that you can actually buy characters and unlocks. I was discussing this with a friend of mine today at work.


I feel that if they did this, people would take it out of context about Evolve not being Free to Play, but Pay to Win. Good lord people were already lamenting about DLC for cosmetic crap on launch…


Haters always gonna hate. I’m with TotalBiscuit on this subject. I have more money than I have time, right now it looks like I’d have to possibly play for at least, if not much more than, a hundred hours to get all the perks together and upgraded.


Evolve has a limited amount of unlockable content. As long as Evolve does not develop a bad habit of micro transactions I would be willing to pay.

I hate F2P games because you can spend mild to wild amounts of cash. This gives any YouTuber/Streamer an advantage because they can constantly buy the micro transactions.

This cycle is a nightmare:

YTer/Streamer buys content to bypass progression --> gains more views --> makes more ad revenue --> buys more content --> more views --> more ad revenue, and so on.


I honestly would have no problem with them going full-on microtransaction revenue stream since the game is free. I actually expected that as part of the f2p package. I really don’t like the idea of perks being inside the microtransaction system, but characters and skins don’t bother me at all with the way they’re doing the free character rotations.

IMO the problem people had wasn’t that there were a ton of skins, it was that there were a ton of skins for a fairly high price relative to other games’ cosmetic stuff AND the game was being sold for full price anyway. The way people saw it was full price game + two separate season passes (yes I know, “hunting season” pass, it was terrible marketing) + cosmetic micro-DLC = triple-dipping into their wallets.

Now that everything can be gotten without spending a dime, adding the option to spend money instead of time doesn’t seem out there at all.

Back to the topic at hand, IMO perks would be the single worst thing to put inside a microtransaction system. It’s the ONLY part of the game currently behind the “key-wall” that I wouldn’t want to see payable with real money. Even having them purchaseable with keys is kind of feel-bad right now. There are a couple skins I’d really like to get, but I feel like I’m gimping myself by not unlocking/upgrading my favored perks ASAP. They should be either grind-only or fully available IMO.


As long as I have a ample supply of Monsters and Hunters I’ll choose Grind every day of the week, as I don’t really care all that much about alternate skins and the like characters are what I care about.


I paid 100$ for the Monster Race Edition… I was supposed to get everything… always…


No you weren’t, you were supposed to get tier 4 and two characters from tier 5 :wink:


And we received two more hunters and Gorgon. Win-win in my book.


gorgon was part of the original monster race package?


Nope, just two unnamed hunters.


I think it would be awesome if they implemented some sort of Boost you can buy like in Rainbow6: Siege. They give give you one 24 hr boost to get more Renown (for free), and then you can buy different boosts with different duration times after that.


How does the company make money now when the game is f2p? At least they should make some skins for sale, because they are lacking skins for new players. It would be amazing if you could transfer your skins etc from consoles.


And who knows, maybe they have plans for that in the future. I think their big focus is on getting the game to everyone and improving the quality of the game. That is there focus. As for transferring stuff over from consoles, that might be harder to do, but I don’t know as I’m not a developer.


Just a few points:

TRS intentionally launched the game without any monetization, and it will likely remain that way at least for the early parts of the beta. I am sure there is a monetization plan that will be implemented in stages based on the success of the game retaining a reasonable player base.

No one can suggest the game is P2W right now.

Founders will save a lot of grinding since they get their paid DLC plus future adaptations based on that DLC.

It is really important for player retention that people are not able to quickly max out the games progress. Having to work to get desirable perks and cosmetics gives people a sense of accomplishment that increases customer satisfaction over time even players are annoyed at first.