Stage 2 - How is success measured?


So this is probably a question for the developers unless the mods have seen a similar topic.

As a console player and in a gaming drought till next month at what point is it going to be evaluated that Stage 2 is a success and the new model/build will be pushed to consoles?

We see articles everywhere about Evolve reaching a million players (which is indeed great!), obviously TRS/2k is playing the long game so is success measured by these numbers staying high and that will result in translation to consoles or are people already drinking huge beer steins and clinking glasses?


Here you go. :slight_smile:

Check out the Evolve Stage 2 FAQ.


I don’t know what their specific metrics are (and the devs will never share it, I imagine, it’ll be part of a business legal agreement) but I suspect…

  1. How many players it brings in
  2. How many players it retains after a month or so
  3. How much money it makes in the initial month of introducing monetisation. (assuming points 1 and 2 passed their threshold)

I would feel that until 1) proves that the game has interest and that 2) proves that the game’s got longevity, and then finally 3) proves that it’s got longer term financial viability, there won’t be any further decisions made on its future.