Stage 2: How does perks looks like now in terms of stacking itself?


As stated above, can anyone confirm wheter perks from slot I, II and III stack or not? And how about wildlife perks?

New perks chart

Perks stack but Wildlife buffs override. :slight_smile:


Oh, that was quick. Thanks


Ok. I heard something about perks not stacking like you would expect them to. How do perks stack with each other?


Perks of a similar nature stack like Rocket man/lord/king.


Ok… What about two damage reduction perks? Would they stack additively, multiplicatively or would they perhaps have diminishing returns?


I assume they stack as well.
@MaddCow is that right?


Everything is additive as far as I am aware. Perks will stack with similar perks in an additive fashion. Perks do NOT stack with elite buffs.


That doesn’t answer my question at all.


See the post above yours.


Small correction, elite does not always override. The game will choose whichever is higher. So if you have 100% feeding speed, it will not be overridden by the +80% Elite Buff.


The Cow is wise and learned.


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Really? Guess damage reduction might be extremely strong. Like the base version of the rank 3 damage reduction perk was like 17%, it could easily stack up to 50%.


DR doesn’t even come close to 50% with max perks. Not all perks upgrade the same. Some only give 1 or even 2% increase when upgrading them.


So to clarify for you, yes, when triple stacking the same perk in the Perk Selection, the do stack. If you happen to get an Elite Wildlife that is a higher value than that Perk, that stat will replace with the higher value.



So does Jump Height stack with any other jump height buff, or only similar ones like it?

For example, jump height is a I perk, so will it stack with rocket man II perk?(not on my PC and can’t remember the name)

Or is it just rocket man II stacks with rocket man III?


All perk numbers stack. So if I take a perk that is called Move Faster and gives me 10% move speed. I take another perk that is called Hustler, gives me 5% movespeed and 5% traversal, I would have 15% move and 5% traversal.


The resulting total bonus values should be displayed somewhere under the perk selection area. And when pressing escape ingame you should see your selected perks and resulting bonus values as well.