Stage 2: Gorgon Traversal Bug


So I unlocked Gorgon today and half the time when I use the traversal its as if something is yanking me right back to the ground; only allowing me to go a few feet. It ruins most of my get away attempts and makes Gorgon practically useless in fights because I can’t fling myself around and ambush like Gorgon is supposed to.


Any chance you have a video of this? Could prove to be very useful. :slight_smile:


Any chance you can get a video of this?


Never made a video before but I can give it a try.


Even if it’s just a cell pointed at your screen (if you don’t have any capture software) will help. :slight_smile:


I reported this bug many months ago, before the S2 update. Its known and very frustrating.
I often had to walk out of the combat…trying to find a high place so i could use traversal.
Now it seems to work much better but it does happen every now and then.


Good to know I’m not the only one. I’m only playing Evolve on the PC right now cause I wanted to try out stage 2. I’ve never seen this bug on the Playstation before, so it may be strictly on the PC version.


Dumb question but your camera isn’t angled downwards in any way shape or form is it?


No. Of course I’m very aware of how that could have a similar effect, but I can be looking almost strait up and it will do the same thing.