Stage 2: Gorgon Strategy, Tips and Advice


I found myself playing MOARGORGON than Golyat or Bob because of [ Heavy Hitter | CDR ]

Also the dome changes actually favors Gorgon’s playstyle.

#About The Perk
Heavy Hitter: [ +10% DI , -15% CD ]
Evolved Recovery: [ + 19% CDR ]

When combined it gives [ +10% DI , +4%CDR ]. This means all of your abilities deal damage as if they are already level 3. If an ability is at level 3 it will deal damage as if you have a Sloth DI Buff. This gives Gorgon a strong damage spike.

#Perk Setup

[ Savage Nature | HH | CDR ]

With this build and play style you will need to reach Stage 2 fast and dwindle your opponents.

Savage Nature: This gives us feed speed and climb speed. More importantly it gives us smell range. This is useful when setting up traps if you want to engage the hunters.

Heavy Hitter / CDR: This will give us the 10%DI and 4% CDR.


Stage 1:
Web Snare: 2
Spider Trap: 1
Acid Spit: 1
Mimic: 0

Web Snare at level 2 for the increase in radius. With HH your lvl 2 Snare is on par with a lvl 3 Snare, the only difference is it lacks the projectile speed. Spider Trap at 1 because it can be used to slow down the hunters and protect yourself while evolving. Acid Spit at level 1, the good thing about this is even though its lvl 1 its damage is that of a lvl 3. I read someone saying that a lvl 3 Spit is best because it surprises the hunters with the amount of damage, with HH damage wont be a problem.

Stage 2:
Web Snare: 2
Spider Trap: 1
Acid Spit: 1
Mimic: 3

This is where things get interesting. Mimic should always be maxed out because it’s radius increase only appears at lvl 3, otherwise mimic has to be touching the hunters for them to get damaged by the explosion. Luckily this would mean that Mimic’s damage would be on par of a Gorgon with a Sloth Damage Buff. Most of the juicy things will happen with Mimic, Ill explain later.

Stage 3:

Note: Normally you don’t want to reach S3 as Gorgon because you can no longer set up traps, but if the need arises then which skills you take is completely up to you

What you take here is completely of your preference. If you want more damage then max out Acid Spit. If you want more CD and utility then make Spider Trap and Acid lvl 2.


First I want to point out the changes on the dome mechanics.

The dome CD now pauses if the monster is in combat. You can easily keep yourself in combat by sending a lovable acidic nuke called Mimic. Don’t forget to put a couple love arachnids and webs at their way. This is how you wear them out.

Stage 1:
At stage 1 you really don’t want to fight. Your top priority is to reach stage 2 and get that Mimic. Pick an optimal feeding route and keep a lookout if someone triggers your spooder trap. If so always make sure that you leave a trap everywhere you go. This buys you more time to reach stage 2.

With the increased smell range you should have a good idea where the hunters are if they are closing in on you. If you find that you are going to get domed more or less then you want to get domed at an area where you can hide (ie: lots of pillars, caves, etc.). Try to damage the hunters as much as you can to increase that Energy Bar, and try not to take as much hp damage as possible. Your main goal is to reach stage 2. If you cant get any strikes from them then don’t push it, mitigate damage until the dome drops and bail out.

A good tactic is to hide behind a pillar and send a lovely spooder trap behind it. If someone tries to chase after you they will be greeted by a lvl 3 damage 1, 2, 3 combo.

Stage 2:

This is where the fun begins. If you managed to reach stage 2 before the first dome then chances are the hunters are near you, before you stage up try to find a good place to fight, somewhere where you can hide behind and mitigate damage, don’t forget to place a trap for safety measures.

When fighting inside the dome you want to get the first bit of damage. Hide behind a pillar, place a lovely spider trap and use mimic. The explosion deals a lot of damage and is on a relatively short CD. You can keep spamming it behind cover until someone decides to check in. If someone does your Spider Trap butler will gladly escort him to their doom. Rain hell on him.

If you decide to go on the offensive try to position yourself in such a way that no one is behind you. Your main combo would be [ Spider Trap > Web Snare > Mimic > Traversal > Acid Spit ]. Aim the trap behind the enemy team, chances are assault would look for it and shoot it. That would be a good time to use Web Snare, it’s knock back disorients the hunters and is a perfect setup for Mimic. Afterwards all you have to do is traverse in and drool all over them.

If you find yourself taking too much damage then go back to your little hidey hole and send a Mimic at anyone who tries to chase you down. Don’t forget the traps.

Post Dome
This is where you shine. When the dome drops bail out. They will more likely chase you down. This is what you want to happen, after cutting a corner send out a mimic of love and a trap. Your increased smell range will help you out. Remember that mimic can be used in great distances. You can send out a mimic from afar and follow it up with a web snare or vice versa. You might be surprised how much damage you can deal.

Another good tactic is to use elevations. Hunters would have to climb that cliff if they want to catch you. I wonder what happens if a Spider Trap is placed on top of that said cliff with a Gorgon hiding behind the next cover. Whoever gets hit by that will experience the full fury of your combo. That would lead to an instant down. If it’s the assault and if the dome just dropped chances are he still doesn’t have his matrix, anything other than him is dead.

Since you’re always in combat the dropship timer would be paused and the game is now completely in your favor. The hunters are now inside our little ant-spider thing of death’s web. Enjoy :wink:

Okay lets say that the dome is now ready and you’re itching for a fight, do you charge in head strong? Take them on? Show them that this is not where they belong? (I’ll show myself out after I finish this). No, what you want to do is find a little hidey hole cave. Gorgon isn’t a Goliath that can face tank and wrestle with the hunters. Gorgon is an ambush predator and that is how you should play.

Find yourself a good spot to fight. Remember that the activates directly above you so you want to make sure that hidey hole is caught inside. Utilize your increased smell range and try to find out where the hunters are, if they get inside your radar send a Mimic out. And another if the CD approves of it. You can also put a strategic Spider Trap. With this you will be able to damage them before they can even see you. This puts you on an advantage. They wouldn’t know that a Web Snare is flying at them the moment they cut the next corner nor do they know that there’s a spider trap at the next. You’ll be able to whittle them down at least and incap/kill someone at best. With this they will be battered down when they get to you.

Going Aggressive
Okay sometimes you get some hunters low that it’s just not right to not take them out right? Yes so if you’re going aggressive remember to not over commit.

If you charge on someone chances are you will get domed on a place where you don’t want to fight. At this point there are somethings to remember if you want to make the most of your abilities.

  1. Every terrain that blocks vision is an advantage to you (even that plateau thing inside the Wraith Trap caves)
  2. Make sure everyone is in your LoS if you cast mimic. A bullet to the back will cancel your nuke.
  3. Mimic combos well with Web Snare
  4. Web and Mimic are great against Tinks and Roaches
  5. A well placed Spider Trap is a great counter to Roaches
  6. You can traverse yourself to a position where mimic can block most of bullets
  7. Always traverse and send out a Spider Trap. Chances are withal the Mimics, Webs, and Acid the assault might miss a couple of Traps that can win the dome in your favor. If not it keeps the assault busy and allows you a free Mimic.
  8. You can use Spider Trap to clear out mines

And remember if the dome drops you can again prolong the timer and toy with them as much as you like. I had a game where the hunters are using a chase comp and got me low. Little did they know that the next cliff had a Mimic waiting for them. I got 3 of them with a [ Mimic > Web Snare > Acid Spit ] and the game was basically over.

Stage 3:
Now this shifts your advantage. At stage 2 you can fight wherever you want but now you fight where the hunters want. Well good thing all of your abilities deal lvl 3 damage and all lvl 3 abilities deal Sloth Buff damage.

Ideally you want to whittle down their forces. Takeout whoever has the most strikes. The increased smell range will give you intel on where and how they are positioning. Use your mimic to send a little love. If they destroy it try sending a Web Snare first. You always want to fight at an advantage try to use your long range abilities to give you that by destroying any deployables, you have to go in there one way or another best go in without any extra surprises.

Remember if you get a down on someone before they dome you, you can bail out and re-armor. You aren’t a Bruiser Goliath, you always want to fight at an advantage. Use high ground, LoS, positioning to your advantage.

If all else fails you can still troll the hunters by evading them till the timer runs out. Or by killing yourself by leaving the territory.

Gorgon is the dom of the monsters. She always wants to fight on her terms, she even has her own whip made out of whatever the hell comes out of her butt. She doesn’t fight the hunters head on, remember the scariest spiders are the one that disappears the moment you take your eyes off them… they’re probably climbing inside your shirt already :slight_smile:. Same goes for Gorgon, when she’s gone “You’ll never know what comes out that next corner.”

#Here’s for the long post

I Would Love a Gorgon Tutor!

I thought stuff such as heavy hitter and cd, or heavy hitter and stage 3 +10% dmg don’t stack.