Stage 2: Gorgon Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Check out advice from Legacy Evolve Gorgon players!

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I would really like some tips on this category with gorgon - played him for first time yesterday and got my ass handed to me, with the hunter’s tracker scan in stage 2 its relatively hard to lay traps for them, granted as it was first time with gorgon I obviously made some mistakes.


I played Gorgon before Stage 2 and she was kinda fun to play. I played few games with her and can’t say anything as I played against new players and it was more like playing with food. Damage from acid seems increased but I am not sure how her new web works. Her mimic deals not enough dmg as i think, at lvl 3 it did less than half health damage. Not sure about more pro players. With stealth nerf maybe she will have some problems with getting away


I made a guide for the often-requested Gorgon Wall Hang/Pounce tutorial. It is elsewhere on the forum.

Link Here


Hey, so what do you guys do to dodge Gorgons abilities? As a monster, its pretty hard to miss with the acid spit and the web, and you just spam the spider. As a hunter though it feels pretty cheesy to try and mitigate or avoid any of that damage. The trap is destroy-able, but takes a lot of attention. Gorgon basically has Goliaths firebreath and Krakens vortex and I have found no real way to consistently dodge those abilities. What works for you guys?


Quick Guide on Wall Stick

A lot of new players have been asking how to execute this mechanic, so I am just putting up a quick step-by-step. In order to hang on the wall like a spider with the Gorgon, follow this procedure:

  1. Hold your climb button while looking at a high wall until the spider web appears on your reticle.
  2. Tap and hold your traversal or “jump” button, while mid-air you will notice the reticle will glow a brighter red confirming you did it correctly.
  3. Once you hit the wall you can let go of all buttons.
  4. Hold down your melee button to begin the pounce animation.
  5. Release when hunters are in range.
  6. The further away you can land the pounce the more initial damage it does.

Happy hunting.


Don’t use mimic :confused:


Movement speed or Traversal regen perk for Gorgon ?


I also would like to know what kind of perks people are using for her.


I think some smell range (even 30%) dramatically improves gorgon’s ability to identify isolated players. I also run gold ability cooldown reduction to avoid that awkward pause after web/acid/spider/melee/pounce when all you can do is light attack or transverse.

#12 (legacy gameplay but strat is still close to same.)

yay, an older video I made may still be a bit relevant!


At this point I’ve tried every monster in the game (except behemoth).
My fav is the wraith, though very weak presently.
Kraken is boring and old Kraken is nice but doesn’t impress me.
So the gorgo. It is quite weird so I like it. I’ve faced it couple of times and it’s surprising how it looks incredibly easy to beat a time, and very hard to beat thje other time.
Any particular tip\trick\strategy for using gorgon?
Yes i know that i have to spit acid on hunters trapped inside bugs to deal super dmg. A part from that?
Should i use all 4 skill or just 3 ?
What perks? (write in brackets the values of perks since i don’t know persks’ names in Eng)
How to stay “glued” to high cliff walls?


I’m gonna start this off by saying “i don’t have a clue which perks to take”.

Which skills you use are completely up to you, but in my opinion, i would only use 3 (no mimic for me).

Be throwing spider straps at the hunter as far away from the enemy assault as possible.

Use the Web snare first, then hit with acid spit. It’s a pretty good combo, and unless I’m mistaken, Web snare will slow them and make them easier to hit. (Correction needed?)

As for sticking yourself onto a wall, use a traversal skill while facing any wall and simply hold the button instead of releasing. If you hold down the button used to climb cliffs/surfaces while looking at the wall, your reticle will outline in spiderweb if it is a valid surface to stick to.

And finally, you’re pretty mobile as gorgon so keep moving unless you like to jump into them to melee. If not, jump around and try to outdo the medic with your skills


yes the web snare slows the enemy
and with “Trasversal skill” you mean the space-bar button ?


Yeah. I play with a controller though, which is why i use broad terms like that.

Plus you can remap keys on the keyboard if you want.


Afaik, they removed the movement speed debuff. The hindered jetpack is still there though. Or was it the other way around…


Anyone got any recent gorgon perk set ups? I’m trying to get that last level for prime skin and lost as to perks now.
I made the first 20 or so levels on Dr
Made it elite with CDR
Now I’m at that last few levels and,
Dr = too long between abilities
CDR = too squishy end up at half health after a stage 1 dome if trapper has any hard cc
Any tips? I feel like I’ve hit a ceiling with these or mixes of them and though I could just eek my way to finish it off I want to actually improve my play rather than stay at average level.


I’ve been playing Gorgon since Legacy, and one thing you definitely want to ensure is that you can get to stage 2 before your first dome. Most of Gorgon’s abilities are rather weak with only 1 point put into them, and even if you put multiple points into just 2 abilities at stage 1, you’re still limiting yourself on the ability cooldown front. In general, I find that Gorgon benefits from improved awareness perks and anything that can improve her general speed. This improves your mobility in combat as well as gives you better opportunities to get to stage 2 without too many fights. I find that most of my matches that go poorly with Gorgon are the ones where I get into more than one fight before staging up, and even one fight is sometimes too many.

Therefore, I almost always recommend Hunger [feeding/movement speed] as the first perk for any monster, but especially for Gorgon. It makes a big difference in distance traveled vs. feeding time, and helps you get to stage 2 that much quicker. What you take for the next 2 perks depends on your playstyle…

Are you more defensive and try utilizing Armor Channeling as much as you can? Then I recommend either Movement Speed or Stamina Recharge for the second perk (in general, I find the Stamina Recharge more effective), and Unkillable [armor regen and DR] for the third tier. This actually works very well if you plan to take Mimic, since you can armor channel while smacking the hunters away with the Mimic (I’ve managed to regain about 80% of my armor per Mimic with this tactic!). Now I know a lot of people don’t like Mimic (tbh, I’m not the biggest fan of it either), but if you view it more as a distraction ability than a damage dealer, you’d be surprised at how well you can use it to manipulate the hunters.

What if you’re more offensive in your tactics? Then I recommend either Stamina Recharge or Climb Speed for the second perk (it mainly depends on the map you’re playing), and either Evolved Claw or Grounder. Both add to the Gorgon’s theme of DOT, and Grounder has the added perk of limiting their mobility. I usually prefer the increased DOT over CDR for Gorgon because her abilities don’t take too long to cool down anyway, plus the continual DOT tends to put hunters in a panic to get away. A panicked hunter = a hunter who wastes jetpack fuel and spends more time running than shooting at you. As Gorgon, fear is your friend :smiling_imp:
However, if you’re more interested in not getting in their face as Gorgon, then I would retract the previous third tier suggestions and recommend CDR or Deadly Brawler [climb speed, traversal regen and DR]. Both can deal a decent amount of pain to hunter strategy, either by making you harder to hit or by allowing you to pump out those AS and WS with reckless abandon.

The only other build I can suggest is based on how much you utillize the Gorgon’s Wall Pounce. I LOVE that sucker :stuck_out_tongue: ; it does so much initial damage, is great for initiating combat, and can quickly pick off any lone/foolishly brave hunter! If you do use Wall Pounce a decent amount, then I might suggest taking Mutated Senses [smell range and pounced damage] for your second perk instead. It gives you that nice buff to smell range which can help Gorgon in almost every category (juking, combat, ambush setup, etc). While Mutated Senses doesn’t buff her initial impact damage from Wall Pounce, it does inflict very swift damage on hunters once they’re down. I’ve managed to pounce and down a hunter in under 5 seconds with this perk; all you need is the right location and a timely, unaware hunter! Just be certain to control where any and all fights take place; take the time to learn where there are good Wall Pounce locations on each map, or whether it’s a good map to try Wall Pounce tactics at all.

These builds have worked pretty well for me. Obviously, with any perk build, it’s good to know what works better on individual maps, so tinker with these ideas and see which ones work best in which scenario (and if none of them prove helpful, at least I tried! lol)

Sorry for the long post. Here’s a potato… with spider legs.


Thanks I’ll try them the only one I’ve succeeded with was the increased pounce damage, I caught slim off guard and killed in seconds, I found “the spider catching the fly” made it all the better.