Stage 2 - Goliath's Default Skin Changed?


Did Goliath’s Default skin Change? Before he was more of a charcoal-ish color. Now he seems to be Albino, or at least albino-esque, similar to his original “Elite” skin color. Is it just me? Because I miss the original Default skin.


It is just you, his skin is the same as it has always been.


I don’t think that Default Skins were changed. @GentlemanSquirl Confirm?


Nope, it’s the same old skin. The level lighting got brighter though.


That’s probably what it was. Thanks :slight_smile:

Also is their a platinium skin for most monsters? And is their a bronze skin :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, but maybe we’ll make them!


Ah! That makes sense! Thanks!


Platinum Bob would be awesome :smiley:!