Stage 2: Goliath Stuck After Evolving




encountered a weird bug just now: Was evolving my Goliath in a ranked match (Distillery) from 2 -> 3 while the assault was next to me. When I came out of it I wasn’t able to move or use any abilities. The only thing I could do was go into stealth and stand up again. The bug persisted until the hunters shot me down.

If you need more info, shoot! I’m happy to provide any further information.


Did anything weird happen while you were evolving? Did it start the evolve animation over and over again before finally letting you evolve?


I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary besides having Lennox standing right next to me and hitting me with her plasma lance.


Hmmm ok we can look into this. If you encounter this again do you think it would be possible to grab some video? It would really help us in narrowing down a cause for this.


Yes, activated Shadowplay again already just for that issue. Next time I encounter this I’ll most def post a video.