Stage 2 Goliath in Arena Mode?


So what is the story with arena mode and its stage 2 default? Im sure this question has been asked in various ways before! But stage 2 goliath isnt good enough to fight with at stage 2 if a team is anyway useful, While your getting shot and burned medic is getting armour while the medic passes the shiels while the guy burning you has his own shield!

That does Goliath no favours as it strips him down too fast as he is too slow to climb jump and chase the medics at times, I just wondered why on earth the default was Stage 2?

I get that you are supposed to get good enough to play at stage 2 but its a bit of a drop in the deep end, especially if you are new, If you are new and want to play online you get destroyed, I was just lucky enough to have my bro to play the game with at the start as I probably would have just got bored getting killed when I only bought the game for online. So for 1! new gamers are screwed which in turn screws the game unfortunately.

Anyway that isnt the point I want to write about, I want to ask why in hunt mode do you have a stage 3 mode to reach before attacking hunters when in ARENA mode you only reach stage 2 before attacking the hunters? it seems a bit too unfair when using Goliath, Behemoth is fair enough maybe but goliath is too slow and a big target with limited range, I think i have yet to see Goliath win if I play hunter and if I play as Goliath Im screwed from the word go, But my Hunt wins are starting to increase but only after plenty of stretched out practice, Meaning if i wanna play better, I need to play more, But thats almost impossible as quick play continuously gives you defend and arena matches and if hunt comes up its a role of the dice whether ya get to actually be Goliath,

So just wondering does anyone know why arena is stage 2? Thanks for reading and any feedback at all is appreciated, Cheers


You start as stage 2 in arena because at stage 2 the monster is considered equal strength to the hunters. Stage 1 and the monster should be weaker, stage 2 they are both equal in strength and stage 3 the monster is stronger. That’s how it should be anyway. :slightly_smiling:


This is why I’m excited for the next TU. The Monster buff they have planned seems great, along with upgrading a few Hunters to balance it all out.


Should be, unfortunately it is not though :frowning:

Such as what?

As for the main post, the game is not new player friendly at all unfortunately.


It should be that S2 is on even ground with the hunters. Unfortunately, with the current meta, it’s debatable whether this is actually the case.[quote=“Crowdalra, post:3, topic:82347”]
This is why I’m excited for the next TU


From the Gifs they posted for Wraith and Goliath, looks like a health buff. Also they keep saying FT3 is gone so there’s probably a damage buff in there.


Stage 2 monsters can deciamte teams if they are good


To eradicate FT3 you would have to effectively nerf Monster speed, buff Hunter damage, make dome cooldown much shorter and make evolve time longer.

That would nerf Monsters to hell but it would eradicate it.


:frowning: :’(

Whatever I imagine to combat FT3 is never anything good for monsters. They changed things to combat Ft3 before with the 5.0 update (not one of my fav changes), in which they nerfed stamina recharge a bit and made S3 less bursty so you had to fight more at S2.

From here I can only imagine things like nerfing S3 some more, or nerfing energy gain from wildlife and buffing energy gain from incaps so that you HAVE to fight for incaps more to get quicker energy.


I think If a team is good there is no hope a monster can decimate the team in arena before he himself is screwed, This game is far from new player friendly but if your a noob and give it time its awesome, you just need to swallow your pride and loose a stupid amount before you start getting the hang of things.

In hunt mode the game is tough for goliath, Hes slow moving and needs to feed but stop that process and hes screwed, I have improved but still no hope for me winning arena mode with goliath, I have noticed nearly everyone now uses the kraken on PC, Is this the same on other platforms?

I think the kraken has speed, and out of range on his side, Goliath might have a bigger health bar but not getting hit at all is better than taking hits, kraken avoids thing like the flame thrower quite easily where goliath is in that constant range. there are a heap of down sides to playing as goliath, he moves slow and he need faster cooldown, if i had both I would stand a better chance but unfortunetly you sacrafice one for the other.

But Goliath Is so much more fun to play with, he beats all other creatures and I have all dlc monsters to have some fun with. I earlier got the chance to creep behind an online hunter, Funny stuff, I bet the guy screamed lol


On PS4 there are a lot of Goliath and Behemoth players that do well, as well as some Wraiths (perhaps Gorgons? Not so sure about that).

In Hunt 2.0, I mostly see Goliaths, with Krakens 2nd.


My main problem is that Monsters are corralled into fighting one way and one way only. They’re progressively forced to fight earlier and harder rather than later.

I understand the hatred for FT3, I understand how boring it is and how anti-fun it is to chase the Monster around in a circle for 20 minutes and have it end in a single boring battle because the Monster isn’t good enough to fight or your team isn’t good enough to dodge and fight. Problem is, FT3 is a strategy and like all strategies it should be just as equally viable in comparison to any other strategy. If a Monster wants to fight once at every stage then that should be just as viable in comparison to fighting once at S3. If you want to run you should be allowed to.

With the removal of FT3 Monsters effectively have significantly less strategy meanwhile Hunters gain strategy. Do you see any buffs/nerfs to try to make Hunters stay together instead of a 2-2 split or splitting up all within LoS of each other? No. Hunters can corner, they can split, they can chase, they can hold off and catch an evolve, they can do most anything they want meanwhile Monsters get their list of available strategies constantly reduced and changed with each new Hunter and with the complete removal of FT3?

I’m against it. As much as everyone (including myself) hates to fight any Monster fleeing til three, I still believe it’s a strategy and deserves to be in the game just as much as any other.


I think the goal is to make monsters slower over long distance so that they can’t straight outrun the hunters as easily, while making them more combat effective, so it is harder for them to simply flee, but that they stand a better chance fighting.

Wraith is currently in this position, she is very good at fighting while staying alive early on, but her long term move speed is very slow, so she gets caught more easily if she is simply running, she can do it, but takes a lot more than simple running to stay ahead of the hunters.

Telemetry shows she tends to rack up a lot of damage over a match, but takes a lot longer to do so, implying multiple battles with relatively low damage each that she survives.


My issue is what about when you HAVE to Ft3. Sometimes you have no real choice but to skip S2. Vs a Laz, and if you lose all but 1 bar of health (or less), you’re screwed if you fight S2, since you can’t camp a body.

Heck, I was playing customs today, and during a S2 dome, I lost all but perhaps a bar or half a bar of hp against a RV Kala team. No way I could fight another S2 battle, so I had a tense few minutes of feeding up and evolving to continue fighting.

Hunters can deal a lot of damage, especially with more damage oriented Medics and Trappers being added (whilst still maintaining suitable complementary defence).


I would see Kraken mostly, If its arena its usually maybe goliath or behemoth, mostly behemoth or maybe kraken, usually see kraken on defend or hunts, wraith I see rarely.


its just like a strategy a hunters team can use if they like, Sit back wait at the power relay and let him evolve to stage three then try take him out, But there are tones of strategies a hunter team cant use like you said, I have been cornered once or twice and without smell range on you cant see that the other half or the team come the other way, I am the avaiding type but I am faster than before and evolve to stage three faster,

But only getting a strategy and they add Kala to the mix, I played the other day, went from one end of the map to the next to find she is behind me again stopping me feeding, there was just no way to gain ground, Its a rethink on my part, but if your a team and cant take down goliath? your team is shit and doesnt work together, some teams I face are really good and work together whereas others are almost as good they just dont have it down yet, But even at that and stage three they still almost kill me before I win the few games I do win, I would say at this stage of my hunts I have won less than 10% of my battles, as a noob its easier to see the better team and how they should work together,


kala and her mines are rediculously powerful, they take alot of health of you, one can kill those damn monkey things whereas it takes a good strike from goliath to kill it or 2-3 swipes at times, this is a problem because she doesnt have to be accurate, just point the direction and shoots 5 with a 5 second break, if used correctly shes relentless. I have her so If i get support in team i will be using her but will obviously need my practice :slightly_smiling:


technically, you could litterally remove stage 3, but i dont see that happening either :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh-oh. Can of worms. I see it has been opened.

The hunt part you’re talking about is completely untrue. You can definitely fight s2. Most of time, you’re perfectly suited to actually win s2. Now there are some factors (Laz) that make it (Laz) unavoidable because (Laz) some hunters (Laz) won’t let you. I’m not mentioning any names (Laz) but honestly, going s3 is almost necessary if you’re against Laz.

Now, onto Arena. S2 is a viable time to fight. However, It’s a dome, essentially. Domes aren’t supposed to last for very long. By the time you could potentially get a strike or two it’s down. But now it stays up until one side wins or the timer goes out. There are some people (cough-cough not mentioning names) that think removing food from the arena would be better. Why? To stop flee-til-3 and armoring up. This is why I agree with you and this is my answer. Arena is extremely hunter-sided and some people are actually trying to make it more one-sided. But monster is (roughly/supposedly) equal in strength to a four-person, self-healed, self-shielded, mobile, cooperative, hindering, flying, damaging team of people that can come back to life while you can’t when you’re at Stage 2. So that’s why you start S2 full armor. ^^


I’m pretty sure hunters do more damage to some wildlife than monsters due to a hidden multiplier. E.g. look at how easy it is to kill trapjaws as a hunter compared to monsters.