Stage 2: Goliath Charge while Reviving glitch



So I was Markov and reviving our medic (the first one you get) when the Meteor Goliath decided to charge at me. So I was flung up in the air, while doing the revive animation, and was stuck. I could shoot, but when I landed it was fully stuck. No movement. I’ll try to upload a video on YouTube and link it here.


Where you in 3rd person when you were stuck? We do have an issue in for getting stuck in 3rd person when the monster hits you when you are reviving someone which is what this sounds like.


Yes. Reviving and the animation played. While reviving, the camera rolled out to 3rd person. Then when I got hit my guy got shot up in the air.


This should be fixed in the Patch you guys got on Tuesday let me know if you see it again.