Stage 2: Getting big FPS drops [logged]


Getting FPS drops when playing on “High”. I am getting around 80-100~ fps and sometimes(happens quite often) drops down to 30-50~.

Note: My CPU gets OC’d to 4.5ghz through Turbo Mode when starting up the game.

Before TU09 I could play the game on Very High at stable 60-70 fps.

Edit: Can’t post DxDiag log since it goes over the character cap. >.>


Can you give just the front of it, with the CPU and video card sections?


Here is the pastebin:


Seems like decent hardware. Does the loss of frame rate look like stuttering? I’m thinking with 8 GB of system RAM, and 4 GB of video RAM, you might be running low on memory and thus getting into virtual memory. I would have expected that more on Very High than on High, but it’s the likeliest cause I can think of at the moment.

Can you check out your memory usage while in game?


Yes, it feels like stuttering. I will look into the memory issue.


GPU memory usage avg. is 3.5k with:

Texture Detail: High
Shader Detail: High
Model Detail: High
Shadow Quality: Minimum
Particle Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: FXAA
Vsync: Disabled

Not sure why DxDiag says 4gb video ram. I have a r9 390 which has 8gb. Does it not utilize it?


Dunno about the 8 vs. 4 issue. How about main memory usage while you’re running around in a Solo game?


What do you mean by main memory usage? My RAM? If so then its at 4.5k~


yeah system RAM. You mean 4.5 GB used? If so, that doesn’t sound bad at all. :confused:


Ah and btw, when just running around, I get 0 FPS drops, only happens in fights.


Do you see visual glitches, like objects momentarily disappearing, turning black, or turning into garbage – then fixing themselves?


The issue is not from the user end, it happens to me, many friends and even to some people that were streaming with more than high end PCs, we all have 60+ fps while running around and even in fights and then boom a drop here and there…


No, nothing so far.


Some shaders were accidentally not properly built and shipped with the game. When the game needs one of those, it builds it locally and caches it. That’s slow and causes a visible lurch, in addition to the visual anomalies I mentioned above. However, that problem should clear up over time (say, a few rounds). Eventually all the shaders will be built and the problem would disappear… if that’s what it is.

Future updates will contain more shaders. -_-

Low FPS Rate
Low Fps Since I came back
Stage 2: Rly low fps
Lag in 2.0
Terrible optimization. Anyone else?

I think you have a point. The first time I played a round it was really horrible but now I feel like the drops are coming less frequently. And I didn’t touch the settings at all.


Very, very sorry this happened, but I’m encouraged that it’s fitting the profile somewhat, because your problem will fix itself if so.

Note that if you change to another graphics setting, say from High to Medium, the game may then call upon a new set of shaders and the bug may flare up again until those shaders, too, are built. Forewarned is forearmed or whatever.

This problem gets prevented on our end as well, as our shader list is repopulated and the builds ship with all the shaders they’re supposed to. It just sucks for the first time experience. Some users may just conclude “game’s shit” and leave. :frowning:

Next update should be better!

Low FPS Rate
Low Fps Since I came back
Stage 2: Rly low fps

Thanks a lot for this answer it’s very re-assuring, nice relaunch :slight_smile: good job


Go to vsynch and set it to 1frame see if that reduces cpu consumption… If your monitor is 60hz it should reduce cpu loaf… I think it cpu is bottlenecking ur gpu and gpu is pumping out more frames than needed…