Stage 2: Gamebreaking Menu Glitch [SOLVED]


Well the title pretty much states my problem.

After starting the game the window moves partially to the Left corner at the top of my screen.(Making me only see the bottom right of the entire window)
Thats not too much of a problem because i can just move the window.
After having moved it, my mouse icon switches to the regular one when using the Evolve Main-Menu,
though i cant click on anything ;-; nothing responds.

I tried restarting, Using a controller, a different mouse, restarting the Pc and searching for corrupted files :confused:

I hope you guys can help me, because i really want to get back to the game since Stage 2 is out and the Community is going to start growing :c

@draquo , @MrStrategio


Hi, are you a new player, or had you played Evolve prior to today? EDIT Oh you said “back”, so… hold on for further instructions


ok , thanks


I suspect you have some settings saved that are no good with the current client. Let’s try deleting them. First, quit the game.

Look for your Steam install folder. We want the folder for Steam itself, not necessarily where Evolve is installed. Inside that is a “userdata” folder. On my computer, it’s at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata”.

Inside that will be (hopefully) one folder with a name that’s all numbers. It corresponds to your Steam ID. Go in there.

Next, look for a folder named “273350”. Inside that, “local\USER\Profiles\default”. There, there should be a settings.xml file.

The whole path on my computer (with my Steam ID redacted) is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxxxx\273350\local\USER\Profiles\default\settings.xml
Delete that file (or, if you feel safer, just rename it to settings.bak).

Next, find your user folder – the same one that contains Downloads, Documents, Pictures, etc. Look for this file:
<user>\Saved Games\Evolve\USER\Profiles\default\settings.xml
Delete or rename as before.

Run the game, and see if that fixes it.

Edit: An alternate technique is simply to delete the entire contents of the 273350 folder. This is more thorough about wiping old data. However, it will delete any cached shaders built locally. If you have suffered from the stuttering caused by missing shaders in the current build, think twice before deleting everything.

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I found the Settings.xml file and deleted it. But when trying to find the second one the ‘‘Saved Games’’ folder is empty. When trying to input the path it just says that the folder doesnt exist :confused:


If you go to your Downloads folder, then click in the address bar at the top of the Explorer window, does it show you a path with your user name in it?


Yes. It does


Back up to your user folder. Is there no Saved Games folder in there, alongside Downloads?

What version of Windows are you running?


There is a Saved Games folder, though its empty. Im using Windows 10.


In that case, please try running the game again now.


Its Finally working :smiley:
Thanks for the help,fast answer and sorry for the inconvenience :0


No worries at all, glad to have helped. Enjoy! :smiley: