Stage 2: Game doesn't start the match (recreation info inside)


It’s stuck on ‘Searching’ even though we have 5/5 players. Is this a known issue?



To be fair, I believe this has been caused when a player TABS or minimizes evolve into the background in windows 10.

I can recreate it if needed


Oh, whoops. Guess I shouldn’t mod in between matches.



Yeah i iust got it to work again.

Now cold boot and see if i can lock the lobby again


@LadieAuPair Not sure who else to tag for this one.


We have seen this bug a couple times. I’ll follow up on our side. Pretty sure we got that in the database.


Yup its in and being investigated.


Nice, that’s awesome!


game currently in paused state again after cold boot.

Game was loading, Tabbed out to CHROME and started streaming some iHeart stations from the browser.
Tabbed back to game, locked at 20:08 MST and it is now 20:26 MST.

This issue seems to only arise when I am doing multitasking while the game server is starting up its search…
if 3570k (nothing overcloacked) intel i5 processor, 16GB ram, Radeon r9 380, windows 10 64, steam/raptr