Stage 2: Founders Stuff Not Unlocking? (Resolved)


So I’m a founder (bought base game+season pass when Evolve first came out), and I’m not sure if I’m simply missing something obvious or what, but I haven’t gotten the 3000 silver keys or unlocked anything else for whatever reason. Is it just going to unlock later maybe, or am I actually encountering some sort of bug?


In your Steam library, right-click Evolve and go to Properties. Then go to the DLC tab and let me know if “Evolve Founder” is listed.


Yep, it’s there! Which is why I’m so confused lol.


So when you log into game and look at your profile card on the top right, it says you have 0 Silver Keys?


I have 1500 from a daily quest/log in thing but that’s it.


Can you go here:

Put in your steam id and then let me know what your steamID64 is.

Paging @Gertz :slight_smile:


Alrighty, my steamID64 is 76561198055902298


Can you check to make sure its installed?


If you mean the status of it under the DLC list, it does say it’s installed.


Oh, well this is odd, after I messed around with it and got the tutorial to launch (the game was crashing a couple of times), after beating it all of the stuff for being a founder unlocked! Thank you for being so quick with replies and trying to help, I really appreciate it.


Haha well thats good…we were experiencing some heavy traffic we were not expecting yesterday so it may be related.

Glad it unlocked for you

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