Stage 2: Forced Character Switches (logged)


I’ve played in two (of three) matches now where the game is switching the characters everyone selects once it loads up.
Example: Match 1 I selected Sunny, after picking all my perks the match screen shows me as Hank. Upon loading the game I’m definitely Hank, and the rest of my team confirmed they picked different characters than they were given as well.
Match 3, same issue; I selected Elder Kraken, the game made me play Meteor Goliath instead.

Stage 2: Appearing with a wrong character [logged]

Ran into this as well, looking into it now

  • Gertz


I hopped in as Goliath but got Elder Kraken. Only happened once I was force swapped.


Just watched TandomGamings stream and he picks Bucket but then he dropped in as Hank.


I believe you mean Tangentgaming, and it also happened when he picked Gorgon and got swapped to Meteor Goliath. May be tied to not choosing perks in time.


We’ve identified the issue, working on a fix!


Lol yeah… Meant tangent… my bad lol