"Stage 2" Feedback


From someone who has played the game since launch, and watched it fall all the way to unplayable, here is my take on what I have seen so far:

I’m still in shock at just how on earth this idea is going to pan out. I played a few rounds but I feel everything that made evolve a team based game is basically moot now. Supports used to have to coordinate with trappers, assaults had to take hits for medics, lazerous actually had a weakness unless the whole team went hp regen, trappers are effectively pointless, why do monsters even need to sneak anymore if they can just be periodically pinged??, why are there so many upgrades that make it so the monster can effectively never be caught up to?, what the hell is this 3 stage perk system that only seems to be more convoluted then it is useful?, why are you selling GAMEPLAY buffs for ingame currency? That literally puts lower level players at a distinct disadvantage if they don’t have the right perks unlocked?..

Ok, deep breaths, What have you guys done to your own vision? This feels so insanely homogenized with players all have wildly different movement and jetpack speeds only leading to the eventual situations where one person is either alone in a dome with the monster (AND NO CLOAK to save them anymore…) or they have to literally forego the very perks they selected and wait for the team to keep up? There was a reason that no sane pub trapper would take movement speed, its because everyone else would not keep up, and they would be alone in the dome. And now the respawn system feels insanely fast for hunters.

I think im going to have to play some more to get a feel for just how much damage has been done, but I am already VERY worried. Regardless, im sure someone like me is not the target demographic for this update anyway, you already got my money all DLC characters in all, so after having spent the time and effort to get them all elite, now I have to do it again for your convoluted perk system…

Maybe im being too harsh, but it’ll take some time for me to see just what kind of experience this new evolve wants to deliver, because right now I am not feeling like its team-work vs skill anymore.


Well, first of all welcome to the forums.

That said, cloak has been removed because it was simply too toxic. For example, you almost downed a Hunter but then it disappeared. The shield burst gives now allows that same extra survivibility without being toxic for monster players.

The game before also had a perk system where older players were able to choose better perks than newer players (for example 3 star movement speed compared to the beginning 1 star smell range)

Not to mention that new players will be more matched with players of an equal level to keep matches exciting.

As for the scanner the trapper has, it doesn’t pinpoint the monster or say how far away it is. That, and it’s cooldown is relatively large. I have seen monsters sneak past hunters, but the days where you could sneak away from a new team without them ever knowing where you are till you reached stage 3, are gone.

Also, new players will have to grind the game just to get the extra charactees while people who already had the game and its DLC, don’t. The keys can therefore already be used for upgrading your perks or to buy skins