[Stage 2] Evolve's fundamental problems still aren't addressed



[details=Intro - Read if you want]Even since Big Alpha, Evolve has had problems at it’s core that were never addressed. These issues however weren’t really noticed until about a month after the game’s release. The very same issues that were a problem them (besides some of the bugs) are an issue still today. I have no experience working on a game, but a lot of years of experience playing with games to get a general understanding of what people enjoy and not enjoy.

One of the biggest offenders of Evolve is consistency followed by the incredible arms race that is occurring. If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft during the early years (Vanilla > Burning Crusade > Wrath of The Lich King…) you’re probably familiar with how melee classes would get buffs to compensate for not being able to catch ranged targets. Then said ranged classes would get a new mechanic that allowed them to distance themselves from melee attackers.

Unless any of these issues are addressed I’ll probably be leaving the game uninstalled for now. I’m just not interested in subjecting myself to the frustration that comes with playing this game.[/details]

There are currently some very serious issues regarding the ground-based monsters(Goliath/Behemonth) and the air-based monsters((E)Kraken/Wraith/Gorgon) in that there are huge consistencies with how mechanics work with them. I understand that different monsters require different playstyles but this is far beyond that.

Ground-based monsters (Goliath/Behemoth) are subjected to to everything. They are always in the faces of the Hunters and thus are subjected to everything. This means deployables, damage, and the environment are always active against these monsters.

Air-based monsters are not subjected to everything, and in fact they can do a lot of damage out of range of the main damage-dealing class (Assault). Deployables are sometimes out of range and useless, and the environment is more of an advantage to them and more of a hindrance to the Hunters.

Ground-based monsters tend to be more beefy to compensate for being subjected to everything, but at the same time they are also the weakest hitting monsters as well as the easiet damage to avoid. Air-based monsters are squishier but are also the strongest hitting monsters but the hardest damage to avoid. This creates some serious issues in that the monsters that need to land every ability are also the hardest to land, while the monsters that only need to land 67% of their abilities(2/3rd) can still be a threat.

###Footage of me playing Goliath with timestamp: (2:42 ~ 3:14)

In this footage you can see I’m clearly facing some less skilled players. You can note that in my initial engage I charge the Trapper off a rock and try to combo with a leap smash but was easily avoided. If this was a warp blast, lightning strike, vortex, banshee missle it would have landed with ease. Furthermore if I were any of the air-based monsters, I would have traversed into directly and perform an air attack.

This is another thing I want to touch on is the amount of control the air-based monsters have over their actions. If there is one thing that frustrates me the most in Evolve as a Goliath is roaching((?) the act of hugging a wall going up/down or circling an object). None of the air-based monsters have to deal with this as badly as Goliath(or Behemonth) do. As an air-based monster I can just fly straight at them (even when on top of a cliff, I can precisely land next to them if aimed well) and hit them. Furthermore these monsters can traverse over obstacles allowing them to get to their destination much sooner/easier than the mobile Goliath.

A lot of the abilities used by the (E)Kraken, Wraith, and Gorgon are also not subjected to being blockable (as well as being undodgeable. I say undodgeable because the only way for you to avoid any of these abilities is for the monster to miss) like the key abilities of the Goliath and Behemoth. The Goliath’s rock throw is incredibly important and is required to land in rotation, yet it is by far one of the most easiest to dodge and block ability. Hell, you can fly up a Goliath’s back and block the rock withotu ever needing to get in front of them.

Essentially as a Goliath/Behemoth I have to put more effort into attacking Hunters than the (E)Kraken, Wraith, and Gorgon and this is what is frustrating. The air-based monsters essentially have it all except health, which is what the ground-based monsters are given in compensation for having to deal with everything in a fight.

Even crowd control isn’t as punishing on the air-based monsters. Some crowd control abilities simply don’t work properly at all and some don’t even work as intended. As a Goliath/Behemoth against Jack you can be pretty damn sure if he uses his repulsor beam on you you aren’t moving more than an inch per traversal/ability. Against anything else though, there is sometimes some movement and in some cases the beam doesn’t work at all. This applies to all forms of CC where they are either too strong or useless.

I’d love to type more but unfortunately I know everything I say will probably just fall on deaf ears and won’t be taken into consideration. I’m also getting really tired and have to work tomorrow. The main points I’m trying to get at is thisb[/b]:

Ground-based monsters (Goliath/Behemoth) are subjected with everything in a fight, and their abilities are harder to land if not blockable. Air-based monsters ((E)Kraken/Wraith/Gorgon) are subjected to far less, and their abilities are not blockable and undodgeable. Crowd control is ridiculously strong at the moment to compensate for it’s requirement around monsters needing to miss abilities for the Hunters to have a chance, and that very same crowd control keeps getting buffed to deal with air-based monsters and ground-based monsters are getting shafted. Throw in the Hunter’s mobility to mitigate ground-based monster damage and it’s no wonder we don’t see many Goliath/Behemoth.


I love Kraken and I only want the best for him. OP is not the best for him.

I have since took a vow to not use him in Hunt. While Gorgon is my 2nd main, I only have an 80% winrate on her.

Imo Kraken should be grounded. TRS wanted to push a flying monster, and it’s too much of an outlier in the game. Just like how Wraith’s cloak from decoy was removed to further balance her out. Kraken’s flying needs to be reworked like Wraith’s decoy; useful in bursts to help with damage(in Kranks case, avoid damage) but not reliant on it.


you say the air monsters deal the most damage but that isn’t true. Yes they deal plenty enough amd quickly but Goliath has the hardest hitting monster attack in the game unless something has changed I’m unaware of.

Rock throw deals more damage if landed than anything else. Something like that should take skill. Honestly just learn to lead with it.


Any of the monsters that can spend prolonged time in the air ((E)Kraken/Wraith) needs to be better grounded, and behave like the Gorgon as it’s very hybrid but still controllable. Unfortunately an overhaul like this is probably too late for Evolve.

I got thoroughly upset coming back to Evolve and seeing that they further nerfed the control of Goliath by removing his ability to adjust his leap smash mid-air. You used to be able to use directional keys to influence where you landed, and this was huge. Now it’s pretty straight-forward and not as powerful because of it.



Really? Just “K”? I take my time to type out a response to discuss with you and that’s all I get?


This must have been removed way back last year. I’ve played Evolve a long time and never seen a Goliath do this and/or seen anyone complain about its removal.


Unless its removed in the pc beta going currently, you still can. I use the analog stick on the PS4 to perform a little mid air recorrection of leap smash.


It’s not, but they avoid the most damage. That’s what breaks them. Because they can avoid damage, they can focus on pure focus and damage, not like how Goliath needs to move around constantly to mitigate some damage.


I can still do that on console, actually. If you pull back on the analog stick mid-air, you can shorten the distance on the leap smash and hit a hunter if they moved closer your original position after the activation.


Then the micro correction in air was too small for me to notice.


It’s not super apparent unless you are leaping a good distance.


Small for you to notice, huge impact on Goliath play. It was a serious playmaker.

Even at shorter distances it was still useful.


This is one of the most minor and situationally usefull thing i have ever heard about goliath.


I would say it’s more than situational. I use it for minor adjustments that would otherwise be a miss all the time.


You’d be surprised. I get a lot of use out of it, because it helps me save the ability if I accidentally overshoot my target, and I can abuse it to smash a hunter immediately after stunning them with a melee.


On the topic of goliath air control, i think goliath can now swerve right or left mid jump. Tis a massive boost in aerial mobility.


My bad. I ment to say that while situational and a small tweak you can perform mid attack, it is extremely usefull.


It’s not as drastic as backwards but you can go left, right and even forward a bit farther if you push that way.


Yet it was noticeable enough that coming back I had trouble landing leap smash for a while.

Exactly this. The reason it was a playmaker is because there is no “almost” in this game. You either land the ability and do 100% damage or miss the ability and do 0% damage.

It most definitely is, and I love it. However the amount of things they have taken way from him I would say out weigh the things they’ve added. Did you know in the Big Alpha you used to be able to leap smash into cliffs and then immediately climb them? If you try and do it now you’ll land on the cliff-side and fall with no ability to climb until you’ve fully landed.


You can miss a rock and just take the splash damage so thats a half miss for ya.