Stage 2: Evolve Stage 2 Ranked Crash To Desktop



After half hours of waiting i finaly found a team, but when we loaded in, my game has crashed and theres no option to reconnect and the game gave me 1 lose (while im a determining rank its realy annoying)


Can you give details of what happened during the crash? What type of crash it was, etc?


Well, we just loaded in and while the “gordon vs hunters” title went, when suddenly my game is closed, nothing text, warning or anything, it just simply closed like nothing happend (sorry for my english)


It happend again at my last promo, and now i got another lose and ban now im sure it will ruin ranked perfomance, pls fix it fast!


Now its droped me into bronze THANKS it could be 9 win, 1 lose, but its got 7 win 3 lose, i could be at silver, remove that 2 lose and let me replay again!


Interesting think, its droped me into bronze but it shows me that i should still playing 1 more game, another bug maybe?


have thies bug taht is so very bad by ranked …