Stage 2: End Screen Player Map Blip and no Hands/Messed up Textures and Game Dropping



While players for about 3 or so hours today I ran into some bugs. First off, at the end of a match most of the time my player blip from the map is still there (see here) . Second, I ran into this graphical glitch (only once so far) if you look closely I also have no hands. I’ve also experienced quite a bit of drops while in a party but no solo. When it happens in a party the host never drops. Hopefully these bugs are fixed in the next couple of patches. Good luck with stage 2 TRS!


I have not seen this player blip bug before but the other two issues have been addressed! The forums are definitely aware :3


Good to know! Hopefully they get fixed and the playerbase doesn’t die out in a month. I’m looking forward being able to play the game some more.


I know right? I just saw it is in the top 5 on steam right now its crazy. I was very surpurised but very pleased with all these new changes.


Hey Smage thanks for the reports. We have your 2nd and 3rd issues reported and we are trying to narrow them down so we can get fixes in soon for you guys. I’ll make sure we get an issue in for your 1st one since that one seems new to me. Thanks for the screen shots :slight_smile: