Stage 2: EMET Heal Burst Cooldown


I’ve just had a game trying out EMET in the new Stage 2 update and noticed that has heal burst comes off cooldown VERY quickly compared to Legacy Evolve (like every 5 seconds), and if you’re always standing by healing buoys that give even more hp/burst, you and your team will never die. His cooldown needs to be increased because I felt kinda OP in that match. As a Hunter only player, even I don’t think this is fair for the monster.

Edit: I wasn’t using the perk that reduces class cooldown, and Bucket wasn’t on the team

Also how useful is his respawn beacon now? If 2 hunters die, it’s only a 20 second penalty to the dropship timer and does the respawn beacon still take 30 seconds? That means it’s only useful in later games where monster evolves increase the penalty considerably?


Was there a Bucket in your team?


No, I’m sure it was Hank


I just played a match with EMET. Yes his healing field seems to come off cooldown super quick, but only heals for like 150 compared to 450/500 that other medic’s healing field heal.

Combine this with his constant passive healing from his buoys, it is quite powerful.


So what are the new numbers for EMET’s heal burst for:
Self healburst?
Ally healburst?
Buoy self healburst?
Buoy ally healburst?


I feel he is way too broken. You have to spam Healburst more than slim, he needs to heal via his buoys, and his buoys are easily destroyed.

I am an Emet main and I feel like he got a massive nerf in Stage 2.


I was playing with an EMET earlier he couldn’t really keep me (hank) alive like a val or caira could but I could certainly keep the entire team alive if I didn’t make myself too obvious with how my shielding rendered the monsters abilities completely useless when paired with some dodging.


From an Emet main, he doesn’t feel like a medic anymore. His Healburst does so little, that anyone whose focused can’t be healed on par levels.

His heal burst needs a 3x buff.


Well tbh, we had a pretty good Hank player, negated most of the monsters attacks allowing me to heal burst them often. I’ll try find a game again and see if I think he’s OP still


sorry but thats ABSURD the only time that his boyies can be activly destroyed is with warp blast and most people dont have wraith yet. and also if the monster is activly taking out the things he is not getting hunters. and emet can place a new one simply. his cooldown makes him the new slim and he does not have to dmg the monster to get it. i have beat an emet though, but that is because he was level 2.

i personly think he is Ballenced enough.


Or fire breath or lava bomb or acid spit or after shock.


[quote=“IWannaBeATiger, post:11, topic:89636”]
Or fire breath or lava bomb or acid spit or after shock.
[/quote]or leap smash, or charge, or rock wall, or behemoth roll, or fissure, or vortex, or lightning strike, or banshee mines, or banshee missile, or death spiral, or web snare, or mimic

Seriously there are a lot of AoE abilities that could easily destroy a buoy by accident


Yeah most of the abilities can kill one or two if they aren’t being spaced properly I was talking more about abilities that could clear all of em at once. I’ve definitely used charge to clear the immediate buoy while knocking the target hopefully away from the remaining ones.


Emet had a larger skill floor, and now he can’t heal himself or teammates properly.

He has to spam health burst AND throw buoys, meaning he’s Slim + Caira.

It is way too difficult to spam Healburst, throw buoys, and mitigate.


fire breath not so much but the others yea


yea i can agree with you there, he needs quite a bit of work in that department


a quick spray of it will end them by the time the DoT wears off.


yea i forgot how fast it recharges XD


They nerfed his healing burst!? Dang, this is why I need those full patch notes.