Stage 2: Emet feels like he got hit by a hard Nerf (football)



So back on Legacy Evolve, I was an Emet main, and I loved him to death. Now he feels weaker than PlayDoh.

He cannot heal himself, and if someone is being focused without Hank or even Sunny they will more than likely go down with ease.

This may seem like a bad case of “you just need to adjust to Stage 2” but I was playing Evolve up until the update, and I was even getting very high healing.

The most healing I’ve ever done was 72,000.

If his nerf was because Telemetry showed him as OP, it was probably because of all the games I won with him.

I’d just like to know if anyone feels this way, and why did TRS nerf him so hard?

Elephant in the room (Stage 2: Emet Discussion)

I too had this feeling, his healburst recharges much, much faster but is now really weak.


Agreed whole heartedly on this one. Sure his healburst recharges fast as lightning, but you don’t even feel it on his bouys… Like… I used to do the throw-bouy-healburst thing, but it feels pointless really no matter which way you swing it. I feel like a sliiiight buff to his healing will put him in a good place. Just a small buff.


I think it should go back to the original way, where it took longer but healed more.


Why was Emet nerfed this hard? He now needs to spam Healburst like Slim AND aim like Caira to successfully heal.

All ontop of weaker buoys.


I thought it was broken when Bucket used his mechinized recharge. It just recharges way too fast even without Bucket.


What was the point of buffing him in the first place, when they nerfed him back? He’s pathetic now! They screwed my EMET! I RIOT!


We are seeing EMET perform not quite on the level of other medics. We are closely monitoring him during the first week of Stage 2 and will be making changes to him accordingly.


There wasn’t any need to touch him whatsoever.


I’d say now that he is in fact “tweaked” because he still do the same total ammount of health at the end of the game. I did more than 10 000 in the last one.


In most 8-12 minute games back in legacy, I was getting 30,000-40,000. His healing was nerfed an unfathomable amount.

You must be playing against new monster players because I’ve never won with him. He can’t heal himself or others, so if anyone gets focused they have a high chance of going down.


Right now his insults are more powerful than his healing. Which would be great if shouting “FUCK YOU” could cure cancer.


I would love to see some Emet gameplay :slight_smile:


Add me in Steam and I’ll show you.


Yeah, why did you even touch him? He was perfect in TU8.1. As I said in another thread, spamming abilities is tedious and bullshit. I don’t want to hit “4” all the time. Give him his big heal burst with a longer cooldown back. He already has his buoys for constant healing. Please and thank you. :slight_smile:

Evolve Stage 2 feedback after the initial weekend

I dont have steam :confused:


Your loss.


Jeez I guess so ¯_(ツ)_/¯