Stage 2: Elder Kraken Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Stage 2: General Monster Strategy, Tips and Advice
Elder Kraken perks
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Alright, so here’s my strategy which has been relatively successful:
#Stage one:
2 lighting strike, 1 death spiral, 1 banshee missile. The death spiral and banshee missile for wildlife, and the lighting strike for domes.
#Stage 2:
3 lighting strike, 2 death spiral, 2 banshee missile, to give high power in domes.
#Stage 3:
3 lighting strike, 2 death spiral, 2 banshee missile, 2 chain lighting. As much power as possible.
Minor: focus on feeding speed
Major: Focus on traversal cooldown
Superior: Focus on ability cooldown
Stage one, just run. Feed up quickly, and keep those traversals on cooldown. If the hunters are close, wait for them to trigger the planet scan, than sneak the other way.
Stage 2, quickly armour up, then lie in ambush. Hard focus one hunter (medic most of the time). See if you have enough armour, if so, engage another hunter. Keep pummeling them, until they’re starting to seriously hurt your health. Run away, armour up, repeat.
Stage 3: just go to the power relay, and kill them there, or destroy the generator, depends on the situation. Focus should be medic->support->trapper->assault. If it is lennox, give her a smack at times to reset her counter

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Elder Kraken perks

armor + damage res, CDR, unkillable.


Greetings LordDerp

Thank you for the a detailed guide for EK. I’ve had some issues when I was playing as EK. But now I feel that the chances for encountering an issue will be much less.


No problem mate! Glad to help :slight_smile:


And up we go.

Any Elder Kraken pro players want to share their preferred perk sets and strategies?

I’m still playing him as a hybrid Kraken…which is very wrong I feel. Any advice would be appreciated.


[ Brawler | CDR | D. Brawler ]

  • Gives a bit of everything.

[ DR | DR | CDR ]

  • For more aggressive players.

[ DR | CDR | Grounder ]

  • If you really hate jetpacks

[ Leg Breaker | Fly Swatter | Grounder ]

  • If you have a burning hatred for jetpack and want to make sure they get their deserved place in the burning hells


Stage 1:
[ 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 ]

  • Standard start, best start.

Stage 2:
[ 2 , 2 , 2 , 1 ]

  • Gives CDR and utility to your heavy hitters.

[ 2 , 3 , 1 , 1 ]

  • Allows your undodgeable burst ability to hit even harder and makes it harder to escape.

Stage 3:
[ 3 , 3 , 2 , 1 ]

  • Standard S3 build. Your heavy hitters get the most dmg, plus you get CL utility.

[ 2 , 3 , 3 , 1 ]

  • If you’re like me and prefer CL over LS

#Combat Tips

  • Always be ontop of someone, this is where you become a huge threat
  • Always use Banshee Missile at point blank range
  • A heavy attack is a good way to setup LS or BM
  • Use Death Spiral to take care of out of reach deployables
  • You can traverse overhead your target before casting an ability to confuse them
  • Strategically place LS ( landing area of a jetpacking hunter, out of your target’s los like behind him or to his side, where you think your target will JP to if you cast it )
  • LS is actually a good tool against roachers
  • Every 3rd consecutive melee will always go off as a heavy attack

Are there any tips to meele while flying on top of someone? I find it really hard.


It’s tricky I know but you’ll get used to it over time. Best I could suggest is play custom Arena with ai until you are confident with it.

Also his abilities doesn’t seem to cancel melee animation so you will find yourself pressing abilities w/o them going off. What I usually do is this

  1. Fly on top of someone and bash the melee button
  2. Keep bashing until an ability goes off cd
  3. Wait for the next heavy attack to connect
  4. Stop spamming melee
  5. Use the ability

im having some hard trouble with the elder kraken 3 stars my wraith is elite already the ones i need left is the elder kraken and meteor goliath are left any tips


If you are talking about stars and mastery, then it’s most likely not Stage 2 and is Legacy, which is a different meta altogether.

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