Stage 2: Elder Kraken + Kraken Hybrid



I just loaded into a match as Kraken but also Elder Kraken. Unfortunately or rather fortunately it isn’t as spectacular as you might think.

I picked Kraken to fulfill one of my “Periodic” challenges however when I was put into the “Monster VS Hunters” screen it showed Elder Kraken and the Hunters I was fighting except none of them had names on the playercard and of course, it said Elder Kraken.

So I was extremely confused and busted out OBS ASAP. Turns out what it did was replaced some of the particle effects for Kraken with Elder Kraken, in fact it didn’t replace it; it more or less added it.

So I was a Kraken emitting red and blue lightning which was kinda the coolest thing I saw in a long time. Unfortunately it only appeared whilst I was eating and casting specific abilities but the evolution animation looked awesome.

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LOL I knew I wasn’t high. This happened today in Legacy Evolve. When it showed what hunters it was, it looked EXACTLY Like Elder but it was Kraken. And when the game was loading, I had an argument with my friend on which kraken it was. The skin was Elder but abilities were Kraken


It’s called the “Crooken”