Stage 2: Dropship Timer Not Activating Properly


Played an online Hunt match on Wraith Trap where our Medic player (on EMET) left the match. Shortly after, the bot ran into a Megamouth and got killed. The dropship timer was still at 0:00 before he died, so it jumped up to 0:10 when the Megamouth ate him. However, the dropship timer did not start counting down at all, despite EMET being dead. We continued the match for another 3+ minutes with only Assault, Trapper, and Support alive. I didn’t get to test if forcing the dropship while incapped would fix the issue as we all wiped pretty fast on the next engagement.

Megamouth eating a hunter removes them from spawn queue

Yes the same thing happen to me, i was facing a Megamouth (as Bucket) when the screen stuttered like crazy, i ended up mauled to death by that Megamouth. The timer did not start counting, stuck at 2 minutes and other hunters fought the monster without support and got destroyed. I was playing in Orbital Drill.