Stage 2: DC = Loss


Seriously? We still haven’t fixed the “Server Crash = Loss” bug? I’ve been playing Monster and haven’t lost a SINGLE match and yet I have two losses. One for Goliath, one for Gorgon all because of this stupid bug.

It’s been around for over a year and a half already how is this still around. Just make a DC not a loss. How hard is that. It’s not my fault that your servers crashed and caused my game to end prematurely so why the heck am I the one that takes the punishment for it.


If they made DCs not = loss then people would DC from games alot more often because they wouldn’t have a penalty.


Leaving the game and having the server crash on you are completely different things. An abandon should be a loss; the server crashing should not. I have two completely BS losses none of which were my fault.


The game cannot tell the difference between the server crashing and the person turning off there internet to leave the game without a penalty.


you lose to a DHE aswell, its annoying especially when you try ranked


Were you playing ranked or normal?


I assume normal. To my memory I haven’t had any server crashes in ranked.


Do you know your Steam profile URL?



So in normal play, we don’t record losses if a server crashes, because the server is what actually records the loss. If it crashes it can’t do that. If you get disconnected, for whatever reason, we do record a loss. There are some problems with our disconnect logic that we’re considering fixes for. Currently, when Steam does its weekly maintenance, everybody gets booted from their matches and we record losses. We also notify our progression server of a disconnect immediately when a dedicated server loses a connection with someone, but they can actually reconnect and finish the round, in which case they’ll still have that loss on their record, and I think what’s worse is that if they then lose that round they’ll have 2 losses instead of just 1. Both of these are problems we’re aware of and are investigating.

Also remember that this is a beta phase, and I’ll talk to the powers that be about resetting statistics at some point so that weird things happening during beta don’t affect your long term record. :slight_smile:

Hotfix Build 2.01.1 is LIVE! - Lobby Full+Matchmaking fixes

I look forward to whatever fix you guys can implement because this just happened again. This time to my Wraith.

Now three Monsters have one loss. None of which deserved, a perfect record ruined. 34 wins and a loss. Only 97% winrate now because of yet another server crashing :expressionless:


I’ve got around 60 Wins with goliath and 2 losses, only 1 is an actual loss.

I guess the bright side is, at least the 50 win streak was stopped by the actual loss, and not the DC :confused:


My 20 winstreak was just ended by the DC.