Stage 2: Could not allocate specular probe texture atlas


couldn’t allocate specular probe texture atlas

i need help
this comes when i try to run evolve for pc

Couldnt allocate specular probe texture atlas
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Have you tried to verify the game integrity?


How do i do this?
im new on steam just downloading it because to support the game and hopping that it comes soon to xbox one


Right click on Evolve and go to properties. From there you can choose to Verify Integrity of the game files. Should take a few minutes.


Could be an unsupported video card. What video card are you using? Is this on a laptop? Is there a chance the system thinks it should use an integrated graphics card (Intel, etc.)?


Cant find the option to Verify intergrity of the game files ._. (my english is good enough to understand and write but some words i did not know until now, im sorry) do you mean: search for errors?

Im using Nvidia Geforce 330 on the 341.95 version

its a pc


I 2 am having the same problem it looks like some graphics cards require something called DX11? I’m not sure /:


Yes, DX11 is required to play the game.


Right-click on Evolve, select “Properties…” Go to the “Local Files” tab, and there should be a button named “Verify Integrity of Game Cache…” Hit that, and let it process for a few minutes.


I found it


I may have bad news, this article (LINK) seems to say that the 300 series does not support Direct3D 11.


nothing found, still the same problem… well i guss it have something to do witch dx11 :confused:
Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8 <— can i emulate it with this?
well i will try and tell you


It sounds like you may need to upgrade your GPU.


I don’t think emulation will work. Link to min-spec description. Really sorry about that.


Well it worked c: now lets see the performance


extremly laggy but atleast i could see the new daily log in feature x)




Im on the game but evrything is laggy
i emulate dx11 but its not the same :confused:


Ok. Didn’t think it would work at all, that’s really interesting. Windows 8 SDK?


yes but windows 7 on the pc