Stage 2: Connectiviy issues (logged)


The most recent couple of games have had me disconnected, reconnected and starting over, falling through the floor and not entirely sure why we’re having load up issues when queuing up after a match we get stuck in this black screen where we can see our names and that’s it.


For the disconnected/ reconnected issue is this during the match you are losing connection or is this in the pre round lobby while you are searching for players?

As for the falling through the floor do you remember what Map and where? Next time you are on that map if you could grab a screen shot that will help us research this.

The Black screen issue is a known issue and we are working on a fix that we hope to get to you guys soon.


My friends and I have been experiencing the in-game disconnects rather often lately, was usually only 1 or 2 people but yesterday it was everybody except for 1.

on a side note, although I believe its a known issue, the pre-game lobby also disbands the team and then some / one of us are put into a new game


Yes that is a known issue and we are working a fix that we hope to get to you guys soon.


I think it was… Wraith trap I think? I don’t know where. It was my friend who was just falling into the abyss. The disconnect is definently happening during the game.

And thanks for the quick response. Sorry for the delayed response on my part!