Stage 2: Chomp plant disables weapons after respawn



So I was playing today Evolve Stage 2 and I am not really sure if it’s just a bug for me or so.But I got caught in one of those plants you need help to get out…My team put the barrier and I was outside the barrier cause I landed into the plant yeah I know dumb move not to look below me…So since they couldn’t help I decided to respawn.How I respawned I couldn’t use any of my abilites neither shoot or anything I was playing a medic if that was actually crucial or anything to it.I even tried letting the bot play for a bit and then switch back to it nothing I cannot still use my abilites nor my gun…so I just left the game cause I was more than just useless a bag to hit I hope it helps in fixing I sadly don’t have any screenshots neither any videos since it happened really fast and I was just angry…Good luck!