Stage 2: Caira Strategy, Tips and Advice

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With new perks, there are several ways to use her grenade launcher. Going full reload speed minimizes your chosen activity’s downtime (healing/burning), while taking a perk or two in item switch speed lets you adapt to the situation faster. Going full movement speed is also quite interesting when paired with acceleration field, though I have yet to make any great plays with that.

Any tips for how to behave when focused? Usually I pop the speed boost and run away from the monster while shooting healing grenades at my feet. That usually doesn’t bring me great results. Is it my fault or my teammates just aren’t punishing the focus enough?

nvm took leadership (and I think this was the wrong section :s)

I personally prefer the quick swap, reload speed, 25% capacity combo.

Granted, capacity for tier 3 perk is only worthwhile if you have it maxed for 25% so that you get that extra gernade.

So im a lvl 30 Caira player and i been messing around with different perks. What is the best set of perks for Caira?

I’ve heard capacity and reload speed are good traits to focus. But I’m no Caira player, so don’t take my word for it

who is best at higher tier healing in ranked?

RVal is pretty good as of rn.

Didn’t she just get nerfed??

Slightly, yes.

And she’s is still good… :confused: That’s not good TRS

How is slim did they buff the healing? I haven’t checked yet

Pretty sure they only buffed his bug.

Shakin me head

whats the best healer for high tier rank


10 RogueVals

How many times can you put Rouge val into one post?


Rouge Val


  • RVAL
  • Vogue
  • Rouge Val
  • RV

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whats the best perks for healer /R.val

Don’t take capacity. Only the tier 3 can produce enough to get a grenade (25% is needed for the 5th grenade) and at least until the next patch the reload perk for tier 3 is better.

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