Stage 2: Bugged up character textures, Whole lobby could see!



A few hours ago me and my mates where playing a few matches. While playing one of the matches had me and one of my friends texture glitch out. We could all see these bugged up textures and it lasted for the whole match, even when we had both downed and dropped back in.

We played another game straight after this and all the textures where fine for both characters. We all also Verified our caches and they all came back as having nothing wrong or missing.

Here is a couple of pictures:
My point of View (both characters)
My other mates view (both characters)


Yep, known issue, reported in several other threads. Thanks anyway for letting us know!


I don’t know why but i feel like you are a dr.frankenstein. gathering all the texture bugs to then create the most terrifying skins… love your plans, my master